Man haircut spring-summer 2016 55 ideas –

Man haircut spring-summer 2016 55 ideas

Human hair cut 2016 spring summer trend

The Man haircut is not to be taken lightly. In fact, the hairstyle of a person reflects his personality and style. She puts, also, the facial value.

If you're look for trends hairstyles models spring-summer 2016 and in tune with the times, we invite you to discover our record of 55 man cuts for suggestions very modern and, of course, very attractive!

Man haircut spring-summer 2016: the Undercut

Man haircut 2016 modern trend short cut man

The trends of the spring-summer 2016 season are similar to that of last season. The cup is always short on the sides with small novelty - on the neck too. although the lengths stored on top of the head. This man haircut owes its success to the fact that with some long hair in the middle, we can vary the capping. This section called "The Undercut" in English leads its origins 20 years and reappears in the years 70-80. She is permanently introduced in fashion by the great artist David Bowie!

Man cutting hair with spray key to secure

Man haircut in 2016 undercut modern trend

Remember the "blue beard"? Do you know the trend "merman"? This is a fairly recent trend in the choice of bright colors (blue, green and others) for his hair and beard. A man who colors her hair is not new, but coloring his beard is something interesting! The man haircut remains the same - we keep a mid-length cut, with a gradual gradient on the neck. If you want a really different look, why not color your own? Discoloration is also a tendency for the male and female sections. To give a little more texture to your hair, apply a touch of frost. For a wild effect, apply the spray of sea water. The glossy effect is no longer trendy.

The man bun has become a real trend lately

Man haircut trend spring summer 2016 trends

Ah hipsters ... The beard is seen a must for these! If you are also part of bearded hipsters, it is important to take care of your look. Apply an oil or specific treatment for soft beard and well maintained. This is the look "manly man" beard and tattoos, which is very trendy these days.

Be creative with your hair

Man haircut trend 2016-length hair

If you want to be really trendy, opt for Undercut cut: very short on the sides, well clear of BTE as the neck and above the far more generous head. The great advantage of this man hair cut is its flexibility. You can vary because it is dynamic in motion: hair folded forward or backward projected for a retro and stylish effect. Finally, have fun with your hair and turn them as you wish:

elegant look, rebellious and modern

Man cutting trend hipster idea trend spring summer 2016

Hair projected back or side

Man cutting trend spring summer 2016 trend modern idea

Cut recommended by the men's magazine online American Crew

Spring man hairstyle trend in 2016 was the undercut

A different version of the cut Undercut

Human hair cut spring summer 2016 trend

Undercut The cut appears for the first time in the 20s and is the preferred cutting several men during a lanyard time period of 20s to 40. She returned to the fashion shows in the 70s and reappears in 2000 . Indeed, early this cut was only reserved for the poor. And yes, the trends are changing ...

Discoloration is for modern man and woman cuts

coloriation human hair discoloration idea hair trend

Undercut The cut is also often associated with the New Wave style synthpop and electronic music. In 2014, she became very mainstream in Britain. Finally, this man hair cut has been associated with so many cultures and diverse subcultures that we do not know what it really symbolizes. We do not know that it is super stylish and goes to almost all face shapes!

ideal cut for curly hair

Human hair cut curly bearded man modern trend

Beard, tattoo and cut Undercut: full hipster look

hair cut man modern trend idea man idea

elegant and seductive Cup

Spring man hairstyle trend summer of 2016

Idea short boy cut with key "bowl cut"Man haircut trend trendy idea

classic boy cut for everydayMan classic modern trend cut idea

The ideal cut for those with a long face Man cutting trend spring summer 2016 modern idea man

Beard and well cared for hair to be always in a good moodlook hipster barbe noire hair cut man

Have you chosen your cut for this summer?Human hair cut undercut trend trendy idea

Lately, we see a new trend reappear: men begin to wear their hair long! Indeed, this mode is not entirely new. It conducts its cultural origins of the 60s and the hippie era. At that time, women wore their hair short, while men wore their hair long - a real change of roles!

Cutting Hair for Men tend idea short hair

Having long hair requires more time to devote to it - wash, dry, brush. Short or long, hair stylists advise to always apply a nourishing mask to her hair, preferably to natural ingredients.

What man and stylish cut! cut sexy man idea undercut trend trends 2016

man short haircut and beard

modern trend cut man hair man hair undercut idea

The hairstyle - it's a reflection of our personal style. What is the first thing you see in a person? In most cases, it is the face, smile and hairstyle. The face is our calling card, with all its expressions, his complexion, his unique charisma. Neglecting her hair is neglecting his style!

Human hair gel undercut trend cuts

Man with hair and elegant dressretro idea man cut man hair hair trend

chic Human fatal look: back hair, sunglasses and stylish jacketcut hair man men tend idea hairstyles

brown short hair cut boy

hair cut man modern trend trendy idea

The Undercut a sectional inherited 20smodern man hair cut idea trend trends 2016 Human hair cut trendy modern idea

Want an original color? Try partial bit color! The coloring allows to highlight the complexion of your face and the color of your eyes. What shade to choose? Our advice is to try to enhance your natural color in the clearing with wicks. This will give you a super stylish look and rejuvenate your face.

partial coloring man with bright strandsHuman hair cut trends idea discoloration coloring

Idea cutting and styling hair chestnut

hair man modern cut hipster trend

The cut of the starsModern man tends cut idea

original interpretation of the cut UndercutHuman tendency hair cut idea

Undercut short versionhipster cut man hair trend idea man modern trend

Play with your hair! Man cutting trend in 2016 modern idea original hairstyle undercut hair man cutting hair trends idea

Curly hair ? Here's an idea of ​​short cut that will highlight your curls:

curly modern humans tend idea

Men cut modern trend hairstyles idea

cut for modern man trendy idea trends 2016

The cut Undercut very short version

cut man modern man short hair trend

cut for modern hairstyle human hair

leather jacket man modern trendy look hair cut hipster cut undercut

Men's haircut modern young trendy idea

Modern man cutting trend haircut

curly hair cut man idea modern trend

haircut Men tend 2016 modern idea

man cutting hair trend 2016 spring summer trendy hairstyle

modern man cut hair hair trend man cutting hair trend-length modern trend idea

man beard hair tended beard undercut hair product idea

Cup semi-short manman cutting long hair tends modern trends

Man curly hair cut trend spring summer 2016

The beard is often associated with masculinity. We, it is associated with style.

man beard hair cut idea

Man haircut idea trend in 2016

man cutting hair trend trend ideas

Man cutting trend in 2016 spring summer idea

back hair cut man hairstyle trend 2016

man cuts 2016 modern trend hair idea

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