napkin folding: easy ideas and models –

napkin folding: easy ideas and models

folding table napkin idea

Need ideas folding paper towel for your table decorations? We offer you 55 ideas and models for all occasions! The paper towel is an object to which we are so accustomed that we often forget that it can have an aesthetic side.

If you want to make your beautiful table, you can do it easily and without spending a lot of money using paper towels.

Idea of ​​folding paper towel into a glass

bending glass paper towel

The folding towels is considered by some as part of the table art. And rightly so, because the way we will present the towels can totally change the look of a table. There are countless ways to store and fold napkins. For example, for a high table decoration, can be arranged in rows towels type glasses or flutes in a pretty bowl. In this case, the paper towels could be folded in rolls.

Idea napkin folding for festive table decor

paper towel folding party table

For children's parties, we can make several nice decorations using paper towels. In our collection of images, we offer a paper napkin folding idea butterfly shaped. As you can see, there is a way to fold a napkin extremely simple and fast, which is particularly suitable for birthday parties with lots of guests.

Napkin Folding: Easy idea for parties and model

Deco festive table folding towels

Another, easy and friendly, folding towels for children's holiday is the rabbit shape. We offer you a tutorial on this subject; you will find in the gallery below pictures.

table decoration idea with butterfly-shaped towel *

deco and folding paper towel butterflies

Here's a trick to getting a nice table decoration with paper towels: use printed towels with pretty decorations. In addition to providing thematic ideas for organizing a party and especially for the decoration of the table, these napkins do not require a lot of bending efforts.

paper towel folding butterfly-shaped: the necessary materials

Butterfly towel folding table decorating ideas

Indeed, they can transform the look of your table even if they are folded in the most simple way: as an envelope or decorated with a nice ring.

How to fold a butterfly-shaped paper towel: initial step

folding towels step by step deco paper table

Speaking of rings precisely, know that you can get a very nice and friendly decorated with paper towel if using rings. Nowadays, there are rings ready to print models that you can use for parties with lots of guests. These rings also have the advantage of being disposable, like paper towels, which makes cleaning up after a big party much easier.

Making a butterfly from a paper towel: secure butterfly

paper towels butterfly models folding

On the other hand, if you do not want to print your rings, you have other options too though effective practices. Use small strings to secure the folding your paper towels and give them a rustic look.

How to fold paper towel: final stage

how to fold a napkin table decoration tutorial

In short, the table decoration possibilities with folded paper towels are countless different ways and do not require much effort.

Paper towel in the form of finite butterfly

ideas napkin folding forms butterfly

The paper napkin folding is inspired decoration with textile towels!

tutorial paper towel folding deco tables

Many people think that table decoration models with cloth napkins are not applicable in the case of cloth napkins. But that's not all the case. Certainly, there are many textile towels to models that are difficult to recover with paper materials. Yet there are also tutorials that can adapt very well to the paper. We offer a below.

Tutorial folding textile or paper towel with dining menu

paper napkin folding idea-deco-table-original

This is a towel folding model that would fit well with a wide variety of occasions. A child or adult party, a wedding, family meals, Easter or Christmas ... All these events can be an opportunity to try folding tutorial towel in question. The best in this DIY project? It even allows you to incorporate one of your holiday meal menu!

Tutorial folding textile or paper towel with menu pouch - the necessary materials

folding original-deco-child paper towel

To make this easy manual activity, you will need: a towel (cloth or paper), cardboard and pen for your party menu; you can also add a little decoration depending on the occasion that you celebrate.

How to fold a towel with pouch

folding paper towel cloth tutorial menu

Once the collected materials, spread your towel on your work surface. Bend both ends of the napkin width (step 1), then push the two ends together in length (step 2).

napkin folding model for DIY decoration creative table

folding paper towel tutorial tissue-idea-table-deco

Continue by folding once again in length (step 3) before returning the towel to obtain a pocket (step 4).

Tip for an even more successful towel folding

folding paper towel-tutorial easy decoration tablecloth

Good to know: For a more accurate result, use of the small card that you have chosen to write your party menu. You can view all the steps in this tutorial in the video below:

paper towel folding video tutorial

Deco table with folded napkins

paper towel folding idea pretty table deco

Decorating with napkins folded into various shapes is original and cheap. We love the DIY side decor but also how it enables us to transform our tables depending on the occasion and time of year. In addition to all the customization options with rings and containers, paper towels are also available in printed versions. This gives us the ability to select suitable patterns on a particular occasion and even the selected folding model.

napkin folding in tall glasses

folding paper towel tall glasses

In the past, paper towels were considered a cheap substitute their cloth counterparts. Today, they settled permanently on our dining tables. And so much the better as they allow so many original design solutions. This is what we prove the ideas and tutorials folding paper towel below!

Original decoration Christmas table

Plaige fir idea paper towel

table decoration idea with red napkins

origami folding paper towel decorative

Ideas table setting with paper towels

fold towel DIY idea

easy napkin folding idea and pretty table decoration

idea easy folding paper towel to table decor

Fold a paper towel for festive decoration: initial stage

deco and paper towels party idea

How to fold a napkin to decorate the holiday table: folding step

idea table decoration festivities with towels

Easy Ideas for festivities Deco with two towels

paper towel 2 colors festive table

easy napkin folding: final stage

tutorial paper towels party tables

napkin folding: several towels roll

tutorial folding paper towel two colors

Fold a paper towel: nice and simple model

easy decorating ideas napkin folding

How to Fold a paper towel for spring table decoration

tutorial folding paper napkins spring table decoration idea

Inspired folding origami paper towel

Wedding table folding origami towel

towel folding shaped bird

how to fold birds towel

Deco paper towels interesting ideas

decor paper towel table Christmas elf hat

Deco table Christmas elf hats paper

how to fold paper towels Table Art

step folding paper towels butterflies

towel paper butterfly decoration idea table

models folding towel children's holiday decoration

paper towels festive decoration butterflies

folds paper to a butterfly with tutorial napkin

folding towels easy ideas

ideas and decoration party table paper

Table Deco child rabbits party napkins

folding towels rabbit model Deco Children's parties

ideas rabbits fold paper towels

tutorial simple folding paper towels

paper towel folding table decorations simple elegant

tutorial folding simple paper towel elegant

Wedding single elegant folding paper towel

paper napkins table decoration classic

small paper towel easy folding

easy folding table napkins decoration

for easy folding models towel

how to fold paper towels decoration party tables

paper towels decoration Table arts

do bird napkin folding paper and decorative table

how to fold a napkin bird tutorial

folding tables and decoration paper towels

folding ring napkin table decorations

Table arts rings paper towels

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