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What parking layout for your needs?

Layouts bicycle parking space ceiling

What furnishings garage for use of the space? According to traditionalists, the garage is "home" to your car or your bike. It is the traditional space for your bikes and your instruments.

Why not ?

Clean the garage layout, choose light colors and create the illusion of space

Layouts gray ceiling bicycle parking

But the garage is a space that can be very helpful to preserve things that are not necessarily associated with the idea of ​​the classic garage. Everything is possible thanks to the development own garage!

The wooden shelves are a comfortable option for homeowners who want to find everything easily

Layouts parking wooden shelves storing goods

The modern garage into a room with several functions. It all depends on the garage design. If you follow some simple tips, your garage will serve you very well.

Garage done in two parts

Layouts garage in two parts

It is preferable that your garage floor is covered with a material that is easy to clean. Parquet and tiles are perfect for this purpose. By cons, carpets and rugs are more difficult to maintain in a clean state.

Vacuum cleaner, detergents, suitcases - there is space for everything in a well converted garage

Layouts Garage shelves wardrobe

Opt for neutral and light colors for walls, like white, beige, gray. The garage is usually a small space and these colors will make it appear a little larger than in reality. They create an optical illusion of space.

ceiling shelves are a practical focus in the modern parking

Layouts save the garage shelves storage goods

The hooks are preferable to hang your bicycle. Install the ceiling and you will have more free space in the garage. This can be used to preserve fruits and vegetables throughout the year if there is no basement.

Store all the goods in the garage almost

Layouts Garage shelves conservation instruments

The cans that are very useful in the winter can find a place on the storage racks in the parking layout. Regarding the storage racks, they are very useful for them to keep all kinds of goods.

Storage magazines and newspapers in a well converted garage

Layouts Garage shops storage table

They are often constructed of aluminum but you can also install wood or plastic caps, for example. Storage racks are open and it is easy to find what you need.

Garage dedicated to motorcycle and care of the beautiful machine

Layouts garages house space firms

In addition, for families who are expecting a baby or have children, the garage is a great place to keep small toys. The stroller for new - born is a rather bulky accessory that is not easily placed in the home.

Gardening, cleaning and storage of goods in the same parking

Layouts cleaning parking space instruments

The child seat is used when little or small two or three years. However, parents or their families often purchase such goods even before the baby is born. If this is the case, please put them in the garage until the time comes.

The shelves in the garage can also house paint

Layouts Garage ceiling paint cans

If parents do not have enough space to store goods for their children, they can still use the garage. There, there is the possibility of a part of your own clothing that you do not often put.

The boxes on storage racks help to develop the garage cleanly

Layouts Garage storage racks

It is possible to have a car or motorcycle in a part of the garage and keep foods, tools and clothes in the other.

This garage is like a piece of home with the children's clothes

Garage Layouts form piece

This parking management is appointed garage into two parts. It is a convenient garage layout that allows you to fully exploit the capabilities of space.

Clothing of adults are kept in the garage

Garage shelving keeps Layouts wood dress

Like gardening or carpentry? No problem to practice your hobby if you choose a garage design that suits your needs.

The boxes with food for your pets can find a place in the converted garage

Canned food Garage keep Layouts

Arrange your garden accessories there - in: rubber boots, paddles, shovels, seeds, pots, buckets, etc.

The wooden boxes are suitable for keeping fruits and vegetables

Garage food storage wooden boxes

If you aspire to be a carpenter, place the bench in the most spacious part of the garage. Store all tools on storage racks and near the bench.

Painting is easy in a well converted garage

Layouts storage Garage paintings

You have a beautiful collection of antique but you do not have enough room to display them? Go ahead, the garage is easily transformed into mini gallery!

Even the small garage offers enough space to store your belongings

storage racks space optimal use

If you have assets that have a special value for you but you do not use, such as letters, postcards, newspapers, magazines, paintings, put them in the garage.

Bicycles on the wall do not occupy too much space

bicycle parking storage racks

If you spend much time in the garage, consider a special parking arrangement. Remember heating for cold days and a fan for the summer.

The cabinets and hooks are important for garage owners

Garage storage racks wardrobe property

The radio or TV is not a luxury when you stay there for more than an hour a day, but be careful!

Storage racks for keeping canned

Garage food storage racks

Stay focused on work you do to keep your physical benevolence.

If your garage is large enough, install a wardrobe to store your belongings

storage racks keeps Garage dress

It is important to develop his garage carefully. In any case, leave enough space between the storage racks to manage the garage freely. In addition, if you need your car, you will need space.

Garage where we keep gardening tools

storage racks garden tools

In short, we realized that the garage is an ideal space for storing various goods. Remember though that a well equipped garage is a garage where everything has found its place.

A garage converted into modern wardrobe

clothing storage space office automation Garage

Do not use it as a storage place for what it is, since you will cause chaos. The garage should ease your life, not complicate it, is not it?

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