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IKEA kitchen center island in 54 different and original ideas

modern kitchen center island ikea

IKEA encourages us to see the kitchen otherwise and always gives us more ideas to well arrange our living space. The central kitchen island is a key element that is present in most of the solutions proposed by IKEA for the kitchen layout.

It becomes a dominant element and an essential module. It offers a new work plan, but also a dining area and numerous additional storage. If you want a central island design, functional and affordable, we invite you to discover our selection of 54 ideas forIKEA kitchen center island. Find the one that will fit your needs and your kitchen space!

center island kitchen IKEA wood

central kitchen island ikea decoration Scandinavian

elegant kitchen in black and white

Contemporary black kitchen interior design development center island and white lights suspended Deco furniture design wood plant

More space is open, the better! The central island is an element that helps save space and brightness. It also helps to organize tasks in the kitchen and enjoy many storage (closets, dressers, shelves ...). Open spaces are warm. Installing a central island in your kitchen will change your habits and make your cooking much more enjoyable.

IKEA kitchen center island with wooden drawers

center island kitchen ikea wood furniture

What is your favorite interior design style? Are you rather minimalist, traditional or futuristic? Here is a furnished and decorated in an industrial and modern style kitchen: dark wood cabinets, tile wall brick and hanging lights in black. The central island is painted wood with black and light wood surface. It serves as preparation and washing area.

Industrial style kitchen with center island IKEA

center island kitchen ikea industrial style

Who said that it is forbidden to mix styles? The kitchen is a place of expression, imagination and creativity. This is the place to assert its decoration desires and to experiment. The kitchen should not always be conventional, you can mix the styles and colors. Let your imagination and create an interior that matches your personality.

Scandinavian-style white kitchen

center island kitchen ikea white furniture

For a rustic kitchen and functional style, it is advisable to opt for an independent central island (light or with moving wheels). A work plan that moves according to our needs, it is convenient!

removable center island and Scandinavian-style design

ikea kitchen idea central island design of timber cheap'intérieur scandinave

Once installed, the center island will become the living heart of your living space. It will allow the whole family to get their hands in the dough. If you install benches or comfortable enough stools, children and friends can also participate in the preparation of the meal. Prepare a good dish to multiple or a drink in good company, the central island will become a place of conviviality and sharing valuable. So browse through our gallery of examples of central islands in the great Swedish manufacturer IKEA and find the one that will match best with your interior. To choose your center island kitchen, be sure to make a plan of the configuration and the size of your room.

Home Decor Ikea kitchen with center island

central island kitchen timber Scandinavian modern interior design wooden brick wall suspension luminaire

interior with center island kitchen Ikea

ikea kitchen cabinet luminaire design idea modern interior design suspension

Idea of ​​small central island kitchen Ikea

modern kitchen island ikea idea central wood design modern pendant light mat

center island kitchen Ikea photo black and wooden

industrial style design idea kitchen center island layout lighting Industrial suspension

kitchen with center island Ikea Idea

small center island kitchen lighting design idea ikea wood kitchen furniture whitewood suspension

Kitchen design with industrial style pendant lights

Contemporary ikea kitchen design idea modern central island design industrial style lighting

Small white wooden center island

central kitchen island ikea wooden chair design black white tile wall idea

Large center island with dining area, kitchenette and laundry area and preparationcentral kitchen island ikea plates black chair design stool cooking kitchen furniture ikea cheap

central island green and white barcenter island kitchen ikea black hood design stool design idea modern kitchen

center island with white wooden cupboardscentral kitchen island ikea white design development idea suspension luminaire design pendant light mat Small removable center island wooden roller modern kitchen island design central removable wooden cupboard deco flowers

Large center island with extractor hood

center island kitchen design ikea furnishings hood white chair design hotplates

Small removable wood center island and practical for small kitchens Interior modern kitchen center island removable wooden roller design idea

IKEA offers a wide range of products, furniture and practical accessories. It is found for all tastes and styles. One of their storage solutions collection is the series Kallax.ikea kitchen design wood table white chair stool suspension luminaire white tile design furniture

Why plants in her kitchen? Plants purify the air and improve the mood. Even more convenient is to grow herbs in her kitchen. Season -you life!

center island kitchen design idea ikea kitchen sink Deco

Easy to move or stand with wheels - here's an idea practical kitchen. Forget the heavy furniture and bulky furniture, most functional and lightweight it is, the better!

ikea wood center island kitchen kitchenette trick Storage

Dress her wooden kitchen - great idea!ikea wooden kitchen design idea extractor hood design chair wooden cupboard

traditional look kitchen with kitchen islandinterior kitchen design idea center island lighting design chair suspension

Idea of ​​modern kitchen with island Lcenter island kitchen ikea black and white design idea hood suspension luminaire design

Idea development of semi-open kitchen and rich vegetation ikea kitchen wood white design furniture design idea ikea Modern kitchen design idea center island integrated modern design idea sink table white wood furniture

An interior all in white, it is a shining inside and relaxes. Decorate with greens, herbs and all kinds of potted plant and create a real paradise corner of your kitchen.

center island kitchen ikea cheap interior design modern white kitchen

all white kitchen, sleek design decorated with greenery - corner paradise homeIkea minimalist kitchen design idea island c entral development hob ikea kitchen island wood cheap lighting fixture idea

A modern living space with large open kitchen island Lkitchen open design central island lighting fixture suspension Inside modern central island kitchen lighting idea pendant luminaire design stool table bench ikea kitchen center island design idea cheap storage hood kitchen

Having a comfortable kitchen is essential to live comfortably. Even if you are not very "kitchen", there goes all the daily lot of time. Preparing her tea or coffee in the morning, you take your breakfast, we made tasted or large long and sweet mornings.

central island ikea kitchen cabinet idea development cheap kitchen

its cuisine is adapted to its desires and its space. Some have only needed a small functional kitchenette, while others need more space to reveal their culinary talents. Cooking is a very relaxing creative activity.

ikea kitchen furniture design development idea ikea white

The marriage of white and green, it is always a successful marriage, reflection of nature and purity.

ikea kitchen design idea white chair deco design idea plants kitchen cabinet ikea cheap

Open spaces feel more welcoming, warm and Zen.ikea central island yellow suspension luminaire design wooden floor mat green white table design idea kitchen furniture cheap

yellow campaign style kitchen, white and brickkitchen island ikea cheap furniture purchase idea center island kitchen design ikea single cheap wood furniture cheap design

ikea kitchen center island kitchen lighting design idea development

ikea central island design idea gray hood wood kitchen cabinet design idea open space development

This roulette wooden cabinet acts as a removable central island multifunctional. Its work plan turns into a bar as soon as you need it. Its very light wood color is very natural. A small jewel of furniture simple and functional design: removable kitchen island ikea cheap wood

And yes, there are many practical and multifunctional furniture. Some even have stools that rank below! center island kitchen small space idea ikea cheap furniture designer kitchen

The gray has long been a hue reserved for bedrooms sunsets and bathrooms. For a while now, he found again his place in the modern kitchen. It is white to marry and we add wooden objects and a rich vegetable decoration to soften its monochrome side.

ikea furniture design center island modern kitchen stools idea Modern design idea wood furnishings kitchen lighting traditional cuisine

Kitchen interior feminine and luxurious inspiration kitchen cabinet ikea cheap central island design idea hood

kitchen worktop in black granitecentral island design wooden surface black hood design ikea furniture

Movable kitchen solution removable black ikea furniture kitchen center island idea wood decorative modern plant design

Kitchen Idea dressed in wood and white square-shaped islandnot inside modern wood kitchen cabinet design expensive kitchen central island design white wood

open and elegant space with large kitchen island and barikea cheap furniture design idea modern white stools chair decor houseplant idea

multi-color kitchen with windowikea central island idea wooden closet design lighting modern idea suspension

Furniture wooden kitchen with wheels for easy movement central kitchen island ikea wood design removable island idea central kitchen island ikea design idea interior wood floor mat deco kitchen stool

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