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Ikea kitchen Photo 45 inspirational design ideas to see

photo kitchen ikea Scandinavian design white furniture

You've decided to design your kitchen with Ikea furniture and accessories, and you need some inspiration for the design of this room in your home?

In addition to kitchen planning tool Ikea you already know probably, you can consult our collection of Photo Ikea kitchen. You'll find ideas for organizing space, furniture color, accessories and practical storage and a presentation of all new kitchen products catalog Ikea 2017.

Photo light Ikea kitchen in white wood and modern style

photo kitchen cupboards wood Nordic deco ikea

The benefits of choosing an Ikea kitchen are numerous and very interesting. The Swedish giant has, as we know, products of high quality at very competitive prices. And in addition, they are also very easy to buy and carry. In fact, if you only need a few Ikea furniture to complement the decor of your kitchen or to complete a project of makeover, you can leave the store with everything you need to finish the work in a week- weekend only!

Photo Ikea kitchen idea and interior customization with bright yellow buttons

photo kitchen planning ideas ikea

With the kitchen planning tool, the Scandinavian manufacturer also offers full customization of your inner possibilities. The goal is that the indoor kitchen space becomes truly unique. And, thanks to the practical and clever storage solutions, you will have a really nice space to use every day!

Ikea kitchen with furniture in black and convenient center island

picture ikea kitchen new 2017 catalog

In addition, as we know, a lot of the Ikea kitchen furniture is very easy to assemble. And this applies even to those who are not necessarily experienced in furniture installation work!

White Ikea Kitchen design with corner meal for the whole family

kitchen furniture cheap plane ikea

The development options with an interior brand furniture seduce each year dozens of lovers of Scandinavian design. Let's face it, we all discussed its catalog to draw a picture Ikea kitchen!

Ikea kitchen black and white with wooden flooring and natural deco touch

photo kitchen ikea black and white central island

The time required for the planning and design of an Ikea kitchen can vary according to your wish. Take into account also how you imagine this part of your home. If you want to copy more or less faithful to a photo Ikea kitchen, the procedure will ask you certainly less time.

Idea deco corner meal with table space saving kitchen Ikea

ikea kitchen table layout small space

However, it should be a bit longer if you decide to opt for a custom interior you designed yourself. Again, a picture or two Ikea kitchen will be useful to inspire you. But it is entirely yours to imagine the look and decor of your kitchen space.

Photo gray Ikea kitchen with white worktop

ikea kitchen worktop gray resin

If you are in the second situation, you can start designing the piece by examining some photo kitchen Ikea to identify Deco elements you like. By doing this, think about the decorations that want to have at home and those who do not necessarily appeal to you. Feel free to help Ikea kitchen pictures in this publication!

Kitchen Design Idea Ikea in white with exposed red bricks

models kitchen wall stone color ikea white paint

You can also contact one of the kitchen design specialists Ikea store. You choose the best time to ask for advice. Some people prefer to do early in their planning work to reflect the opinion of all specialists throughout the evolution of their project.

Idea and picture modern Ikea kitchen with doors in white furniture

ikea kitchen island pictures Nordic furniture

Others prefer to complete the first draft of their project and make any changes thereafter. Both approaches are possible; and this is an expression of all the functionality of interior Ikea!

Picture dark wood Ikea Kitchen and deco styla country chic

ikea furniture design kitchen deco wood

The kitchen design tool Ikea online is also a very valuable page. It will help you visualize the details of your decor without having to go to the store. With this application, you can take the time to try different options. Weigh and discuss the benefits of each idea interior design before you jump into buying furniture!

Ikea kitchen black and white with wooden worktop

ikea furniture designed kitchen deco chic country

Whatever the kitchen Ikea scheduling option that you preferred, you will arrive at one time or another, to the furniture purchase stage. If you can wait, do it. You will take advantage of the sales period on items for kitchen Ikea!

Scandinavian cuisine and Ikea furniture in light wood with white tiles

idee furniture kitchen ikea pine wood

Our advice in this regard: try to plan your kitchen well before the time balances and make a list of all the products you want. At the beginning balances, get started in the command of the necessary items. In fact, the sales period is one of the busiest for Ikea advisors. The ideal would be to have your project done in advance and order during the sales.

Photo Ikea kitchen in light gray and color mapping idea

eg kitchen ikea gray Scandinavian home decoration

In some countries, Ikea offers discounts for its products in the period around the balances; you can check with your store to see if you can place your order a few days in advance and still benefit from discounts.

Decoration and interior organization with Ikea furniture

ikea kitchen Scandinavian furniture storage wall

This is an option for those who do not necessarily want to move when everyone will want to find sale items!

Kitchen design with contemporary Ikea furniture champagne shades

photo kitchen ikea white central island

Once your project is completed and all the necessary products to the layout of your kitchen noted, you have the option to go to the store to make purchases or make an online order. In both cases, you have the option to request a home delivery.

Ikea kitchen Compact black and wood with small central island

ikea kitchen pictures Plans black cabinet design

Also note that in some countries, Ikea offers installation services and kitchen furniture installation performed by a professional. Prices of services depend on the work to be done. You can read about this possibility on the website of the brand.

Deco idea of ​​small kitchen with Ikea cupboards and furniture in black

deco ikea kitchen design idea

But how to customize his kitchen and give it a custom made space environment?

Ikea kitchen cabinets color: decor in white and green

picture ikea white kitchen cupboards green

For starters, you are free to choose the color of your furniture. Pictured Ikea kitchen top, an illustration of how the color of the doors Ikea affects the appearance of the entire room.

Photo Ikea Kitchen with white furniture and bright blue walls

photo kitchen ikea door white cabinet

In addition to providing several colors of furniture, the Swedish manufacturer has also provided us with different style areas: contemporary, modern, rustic ...

Ikea storage: tips for cooking and idea of ​​design work plan

Layouts small kitchen ikea wall storage tips

The work plan also contributes to the custom look of your interior. Consider this detail with your purchases!

Credenza cuisine by Ikea

deco Scandinavian cheap credence kitchen ikea

The same rule applies to kitchen splashbacks. They are an important part of the walls of the space and color has an impact on the overall look of the room.

Idea white kitchen layout with Ikea furniture

photo kitchen ikea cheap modern design

Ikea, you'll find a nice selection of really simple credence to install and maintain!

dark wood design kitchen furniture by Ikea

photo kitchen ikea U deco wood furniture

Regarding the order kitchen cabinets Ikea, are trying to gain more space by ordering wall units up to the ceiling of the room. This tip will give your kitchen a look of custom space.

Photo Ikea kitchen with white checkerboard tiles and checkered working plant

Layouts ikea kitchen tool design idea

Another detail which we rarely think that will help you personalize your kitchen: the ceiling molding. It simply provides a finished look to your home!

Ikea kitchen with open shelves Photo modern style

kitchens equipped ikea central plane wood block

If you have the option of installing a central island in your kitchen, do not hesitate to do so. Decorators are unanimous in this regard: the kitchen countertops with island (central or otherwise) are much more practical and offer a lot of design options and functional storage.

Kitchen decoration with white wall tiles and black paint color

open shelves ikea wood kitchen

This is the case also for kitchen islands signed Ikea. They combine all the advantages of this kind of supplement for cooking with clever ideas of organization conceived by designers of the Swedish brand.

white kitchen with island decor wood

Planning cheap new catalog ikea kitchen

You do not want to redo your kitchen? With Ikea, you can still enjoy all the benefits of a kitchen island!

Contemporary Ikea kitchen with black furniture Photo

picture ikea kitchen idea color Scandinavian furniture

The sideboards and small removable blocks perform the same functions as an ordinary island. But at the same time, they are simple to install and move. Malin, is not it?

Ikea kitchen Photo: some original ideas of the new Ikea catalog 2017

photo kitchen center island ikea 2017 trends

The new catalog Ikea 2017 also contains a series of interesting kitchen products that you can use to customize your interior.

Products practical and beautiful kitchen with Ikea: Elvarli furniture

deco kitchenette apartment

The modular system Elvarli is one of the new additions to the range of Ikea kitchen products. This is a very nice option for the development of a wardrobe but also for the installation of a storage space in an open industrial style kitchen, for example.

lacquered Ikea Kitchen Idea for small space of modern design in gray and wooden worktop

Gray Photo ikea kitchen wood worktop

Kitchen Sink Ikea 2017 Catalog Norrsjorn

ikea kitchen sink deco interior Scandinavian style

Stainless steel is a modern and hygienic material preferred strong in the decoration of modern and contemporary kitchens.

Sink kitchen hygienic Hillesjön Ikea Ikea Catalog 2017

photo kitchen sink modern ikea

This is probably the reason why Ikea designers have decided to launch the Norrsjorn and Hillesjön market, stainless steel sinks you see in the images above. In addition, these products come home with a 25 year warranty!

New wood worktop for kitchen Ikea Barkaboda

worktop wooden kitchen catalog ikea 2017

We said: the work plan has the ability to change the look of your interior. Above you can see how the new wooden worktop Barkaboda gives a cozy air and inviting to a room dark.

Ikea kitchen Photo: Small Scandinavian kitchen furniture Sunnersta

ikea kitchenette small kitchen area apartment

This kitchenette is another new Ikea catalog 2017. Dubbed Sunnersta, it is a very affordable solution (at a price of 136 euros only!), Ideal for the construction of a small apartment or a studio. You can complete the kitchen area with the service of the same series (the picture above): it offers additional storage space.

Practical accessories for Ikea Kitchen Grundvattnet

ikea catalog 2017 kitchen tool

To make your kitchen more practical, test small Ikea accessories that will save you time every day. We rarely think about it but they also determine the look of our homes thanks to the organization of space solutions they provide! Grundvattnet is just a series of such kitchen fixtures: it comprises a basin, a strainer, a box, a cutting board and a mat washbasin. Use them to collect there the small kitchen tools, to drain fresh or glasses, or to create a second tray in the sink ...

Scandinavian decor and storage tips by designers kitchens Ikea

ikea kitchen drawer storage accessories

ikea kitchen storage decoration trick

For a kitchen in perfect order, try in the space dedicated to accessories and Ikea storage tips! Online or in store, you'll discover original options and organization practices of your drawers and your closets and compact wall storage solutions.

Wall storage practical for kitchen Ikea Scandinavian style Torhamn

photo kitchen ikea furniture wall units open

As always, the furniture of the Swedish brand combine comfort and environmental friendliness. In his latest collection, it is also expressed in a series of Ikea kitchen furniture made of natural materials such as wood. This is the kitchen Ikea Torham which is made of solid ash. She probably seduce lovers of natural decor and modern style. For in addition to being made of solid wood, it is also characterized by its simple and elegant lines.

shelves kitchen open to Ikea and the interior organization of ideas

ikea kitchen design open storage

Always practical and functional, the kitchen Ikea 2017 up to help us enjoy every corner available. Hence the idea to combine storage space from the new Ikea furniture collection with accessories that have already proven their usefulness over time. Small storage space and open shelves precisely fulfill the role of space saving furniture. With small smart accessories from Ikea, you save space in the most unexpected corners of your kitchen!

kitchen furniture for storage Tip Ikea

ikea kitchen wall storage idea

The Ikea furniture cuisine Method set back in the new brand catalog updated. As is known, the design of furniture Method revolves around the idea of ​​cooking easy decoration with closet doors and facades that can assemble according to his wishes. This is an excellent option for those who want to revamp their internal space. Also note that Method kitchen is perfect to makeover with new accessories such as faucets, lighting and small accessories Ikea recent catalog.

Ikea Kitchen decor with dark wood furniture

photo kitchen ikea wood furniture 3d design

If you have a kitchen open to the dining room or corner of meals within the kitchen, harmonize your decor focusing Ikea furniture and accessories for this space!

Idea room planning room or kitchen dining area Ikea

Ikea Kitchen diner Scandinavian furniture

As before, the Swedish brand does not neglect the art table. It proposes a series of modern and interesting accessories for kitchen and dining room. Plates, textiles, serving dishes, cutlery ... all these categories of tableware are being refreshed and updated at the new catalog.

Candlestick Enighet for decorative kitchen table or dining room of the new Ikea catalog 2017

kitchen accessories ikea 2017 catalog idea

Good to know: in addition to Ikea table decorative accessories available throughout the year, the brand also offers a number of objects in a limited series. This is particularly true of Stunsig collection which features dishes with original and powerful motives. A perfect collection for those who dream of a table decoration not like the others !

Table Arts for Ikea dining room or kitchen meal

ikea 2017 kitchen deco-the-table-wood

The decor Ikea has always been characterized by respect for nature. This does not go only by authentic furniture solutions or respectable means of transport for the environment. It also has a flexible side that adapts to the seasons of the year.

Ikea kitchen Photo - ideas for art Table accessories with the seasons of the year

cuisne ikea 2017 catalog-art-of-table-idee

To celebrate the arrival of spring or summer, or of school and year-end holidays, the brand offers each year, table decorative items. So a great way to bring a breath of fresh air to the kitchen or dining room to the season of summer.

Ikea kitchen Photo - idea of ​​modern tools and accessories

ikea kitchen 2017 photo-deco-plan-of-work

Photos and design by Ikea

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