Mila equipped the Italian model –

Mila equipped the Italian model

equipped designer Italian

The model equipped Italian that you present is named Mila and is manufactured by SGS Plazzogna for Cesar. Mila is innovative cuisine that embraces a minimalist silhouette refined elegance.

It combines minimalism super smooth interiors that seem to exude a futuristic atmosphere.
The fitted Italian cuisine is known to have a good amount of features, and many compositions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your own home.

The fitted Italian Mila equipped modern Italian cuisine

Combining several different textures in an easy way, this stylish kitchen offers visually captivating finishes that mimic the concrete. In addition, the cabinets and elegant wooden shelves are in dark and light shades that offer many storage options. The kitchen island is considered an intelligent and multifunctional manner.

Deco Italian dark wood Italian dark wood kitchen

Adding Wing and Desco tables have transformed the kitchen into a perfect social center where the whole family can spend time together. Mila Italian kitchen has an informal and relaxed atmosphere for a kitchen that integrates seamlessly with contemporary living room or dining room in an open floor plan. An urban kitchen convenient for those who love the sober minimalism!

Modern kitchen design Italian modern kitchen Layouts

Kitchen decoration with green chairs deco equipped Italian

White Deco Kitchen deco white kitchen

dark wood kitchen decoration deco wood kitchen countertops

Modern kitchen with wooden countertops modern dark wood functional kitchen

Kitchen light wood decor deco modern wood kitchen

Modern Italian FoodItalian deco functional kitchen

modern kitchen decoration équipee

Italian deco idea

mila equipped Italian

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