Advent Calendar to oneself – 36 original ideas –

Advent Calendar to oneself – 36 original ideas

timing of'avent a-faire-soi-meme-idee

The Advent calendar is a special calendar that counts down the remaining days before Christmas. The manufacture is an easy and fun task for adults and for children.

We have selected 36 great ideas that will inspire you to make an Advent calendar. Try to also realize your own projects to make happy your children and loved ones for Christmas!

Advent Calendar - 36 beautiful ideas to do it yourself

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Today, the Christmas decorations and advent calendar are among the easiest items to find in a supermarket. Offered in a thousand different variations, these decorative items can also be purchased in interior design or online stores. Yet it is so fun to make its own schedule of this type! A calendar that counts down the days until Christmas party can be a great way to surprise your child. Carry it alone or with the help of your little and teach him / her the beauty of handmade objects!

Relook a calendar of Advent wooden brushes with some keys

timing of'avent bois-idee-deco

If you have a vintage wooden advent calendar in your childhood or your parents, we offer a quick makeover idea. For this, we should repaint your old calendar and add some original touches him snowmen pictures, stars, and, of course, figures for each day of December.

Making its own schedule until Christmas celebrations

timing of'avent moderne-diy-deco-activite-manuelle

If you are not in possession of such an object, think of creative options to make your own. The calendars of the modern Advent may not contain wooden boxes. They can be in the form of a panel hanging on one of your walls. Adorn the little chocolates for every day of the month and add it fun labels!

timing of'avent a-fabriquer-soi-meme-papier

Perform these labels on paper using a template that you have spotted on canvas or imagined yourself. In addition to the classical motifs of the season, consider the numbers for each day of December. Your child will discover, every day, a little dessert waiting for his Christmas gifts.

manufacture of schedule'Avent petit-sapin-Noel-boîtes-papier-noir-décoratives

The Advent Calendar is an old tradition that everybody knows but ideas concerning the look becoming more interesting and varied. The same purpose, but the shapes, sizes and colors are now more original than ever.

Advent calendar-making-small-black-boxes-paper-ribbons-red calendar of'avent

Use small paper boxes, on them, numbers that correspond to the days of the month. Lock them inside interesting surprises for your daughter or your son!

Advent Calendar DIY decorative paper

make-calendar-Advent-Christmas fir-green-paper-schedule of'avent

In its modern version, this calendar is a way to recycle old objects. Boxes and bags are replaced by ordinary cans, clips, envelopes, toilet paper rolls and jam jars! It just takes a little creativity to transform paper rolls into the forest animals!

A DIY Advent calendar made by cans and decorative paper

make-Advent calendar-boxes-canned-painting-white-paper-decorative-pink-green-digit

Use your paper creations to put in sweets, small gifts or many custom greeting cards.

Making an original Advent Calendar

make-calendar-Advent-grandchildren bags of sweets calendar'avent

If you like sewing, we suggest you make a score of small bags of fabric. After hiding interesting surprises inside each bag, hang it in a frame and install it on your wall.

Christmas tree ornaments and clothespins to make an Advent calendar

make-calendar-Advent-table-black-claws-tree ornaments, Christmas calendar of'avent

Here is a quick and nice idea for this type of schedule: a blackboard decorated with hearts, stars, Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights. Gradually, as the end approaches, each of these ornaments will be placed on the Christmas tree.

Greeting cards in envelopes to surprise our kids

make-calendar-Advent-white envelopes greeting cards, Deco-paper

If you want to imagine a more interesting activity, opt for a calendar made of paper envelopes. At the same time, hide twenty little surprises for your child to different places in your home. Slip inside each envelope indication of where each little surprise located. And invite your little sleuthing to find them. An excellent idea proposed by Veronika in his blog A Few Things From My Life.

of the original Advent Calendar and easy to do


Fill a clear glass vase or hang a garland of small labels with numbers. If you have 24 balls in transparent plastic, you can easily transform into a beautiful Advent Calendar. Be creative and experiment, the Christmas party that happens soon will inspire you to make your own projects!

A decorative Christmas tree - Advent Calendar


After making your Advent calendar, it is the turn to choose the place that best suits him. You can hang on the wall and mimic the shape of a Christmas tree. If not, install it on a console table in your entry or living room. Or, if your design is really impressive, place it on the floor in your living room!

Calendar of the original DIY Advent - even more magnificent ideas

make-calendar-Advent-small-black-white boxes of the calendar'avent

How to make a decorative paper box

make-calendar-Advent-how-to-box gift

Making an Advent calendar of small cardboard boxes

make-Advent-calendar-small boxes cardboard figures-white-candy

Use toilet paper rolls to make an Advent calendar

make-calendar-Advent-platens-hygienic paper

Using wine bottles to make an Advent calendar

Advent calendar-making-wine-bottle labels

Small cardboard boxes in the shape of small houses


make-calendar-Advent-in-box-gift tutorial

Decorative bird in the Advent calendar cardboard

make-calendar-Advent-small-box-cardboard Ornamental birds

make-calendar-Advent-étoquettes-color figures

make-Advent-calendar-small-figures-fir-Noel-green-small boxes

make-Advent calendar-label-color felt-tip-jar-jam

make-calendar-Advent-hanger boxes, gift tags

Advent calendar-making-small-bags-white-tongs

make-calendar-Advent-box-leather retro-grandchildren gift bags

Advent calendar-making-bags-paper-white decorative calendar of'avent

make-Advent calendar-magnet-color-idea-original


make-calendar-Advent-Christmas-tree tinsel-cup of schedule'avent

make-calendar-Advent-wreaths-triangles-paper figures

make-calendar-Advent-pots-decorative-black-small-gifts calendar of'avent

make-Advent-calendar-pliers-decorated-red-white tapes of schedule'avent

make-calendar-Advent-jam-jars-paint-green label of schedule'avent

make-calendar-Advent-idea-minimalist-white-sheet-shaped fir-Noel

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