Recycling Idea deco over 101 inspiring ideas –

Recycling Idea deco over 101 inspiring ideas

Recycling Deco vases idea

How to recycle items that we use it more? Instead of throwing them, it is quite possible to give them a second life. Nowadays, making objects accelerating to satisfy the many requests.

It is not surprising that in Western societies, become very consuming, the trend is to recycle and tinkering at home. If you are looking for a good Deco idea Recycling, examine our file of more than 95 bulbs recycling ideas, glass or plastic bottles, wine or plastic plugs, egg cartons, cardboard, paper and even ...

Recycling Idea Deco very original and cute: bulbs turned into bees!

Recycling decoration idea bulb brainchild deco DIY bee

Have you often bulbs that do not work in the trash? This is unfortunate because you can recycle many ingenious ways. We selected 14 different examples to see how we can incorporate them into our decor or find another useful function.

Recycling Idea deco colorful hanging lamps Deco recycling idea bulb deco original fir diy

One of the easiest ideas to realize and turn them into decorative items for your home. Here is a Christmas tree decorated with two colored bulbs as penguins and suspended tree.

Snowmen made of bulbs

Deco idea Deco bulb recycling Recycling snowman Christmas decoration making diy

If you like good marriage of style and functionality, so the idea of ​​recovery is for you. Have you ever thought about the possibility of transforming unnecessary light bulbs in small vases? Look how elegant and chic:

Small vases made of emptied bulbs elegant vases design idea diy flower bouquet decor ideas

You can also fill with water and hang them. Because they are lightweight, water makes them heavier and therefore more stable. In the example below, there is an outdoor decoration. The bulbs can be exposed to the wind. For this reason, it is advisable to fill with water to prevent them from falling and breaking.

hanging decoration with bulbs

bulbs recycling original decoration design idea suspension

Bulbs transformed deco spider mites

idea bulb recycling bulb spider design ideas

Here's an idea that really crack! If you want to impress your guests at a meal, decorate your table with this beautiful invention:

Salt and pepper to achieve with bulbs

idea bulb recycling kitchen pepper original design diy

decorating idea with recycled light bulbs

bulbs recycling original decoration idea interior original decor suspension

How an oil lamp with a light bulb? This idea Recycling decor is fabulous and allows you to have a new discrete light source. For the perfect oil lamp bulb, it must first think about the fix for it always takes the right. It is possible to use any standing to fix your bulbs, glue included. Oil lamps are used for centuries. They are a very good compromise of the electric lamp and candles.

Bulbs transformed into oil lamp

recycling idea ampoule-original-design

hanging vase diy brainchild bulb recycling flowers

Want an original decor for the room of your toddler? Here is a nice idea deco Recycling, too, made with old bulbs. Hot air balloons are dreaming every child! To achieve this beautiful decorative composition suspended, we also supply the fabrics and rope. You choose the colors, knowing that to create an atmosphere of pleasant, relaxing room, preferred colors and bright and soft colors.

Idea for children's room decoration

decorative bulbs idea deco design idea suspension

And yes, decorate with beautiful vases are inside is nice. Below we give you an idea Recycling Deco with small vases made from old bulbs. If you're more "large vase", please see our recent publication dedicated to this subject.

Vases elegant, discreet and environmentally friendly

DIY idea bulb recycling original decoration flower bulbs recycling idea

At Christmas and Easter, we usually decorates his front door with a wreath. If this year you want to change the wreath or Christmas classic, why not try to make this wreath made from various sizes and colors of bulbs:

Crown bulbs of different colors

Recycling idea deco original design of eco bulb crown

Idea Christmas decoration with bulbs

Recycling glass bulb idea idea deco design glass recycling

What do you do with the egg cartons? There are two possibilities: either we throw them (of course recycling) or we find them another unusual feature. You would be amazed by our eight proposals that present how to decorate our home in a very original way with egg cartons. These ideas are so well made that it is sometimes hard to believe that this beautiful invention was made at the base of egg carton.

Garland or flowers, ideas Design Rulz

Recycling idea original decoration garland suspension egg cartons flowers DIY decor

The egg carton: an object, several deco idea Recycling

And yes, it's hard to imagine, but in fact egg boxes can be transformed into chic and elegant decor.

mirror frame - made of pink egg carton

diy idea original recycling mirror mirror frame egg cartons boxes

Small very elegant roses made of egg cartons

Recycling idea deco mirror frame egg cartons roses mirror frame diy

Bouquet of flowers produced from egg carton

Deco idea Recycling egg cartons flower design modern interior decoration recycling idea

Small flowers made from an egg carton

egg carton recycling idea deco flower design cardboard

Here's an idea how to make a box bouquet with eggs

Recycling idea egg box flower DIY decoration design cheap diy

With a string of lights, some egg cartons and paint color of your choice, you realize a foot lamp or suspend chic design like this:

walk or suspend very original lamp

idea collection objects light string egg cartons

Rose made of cardboard egg carton

egg carton recycling idea pink flowers diy cardboard deco cheap DIY

Deco idea Recycling paper crown flowers diy cardboard box pink modern decor

Glass bottles: selection idea Deco Recycling

What glass bottles? You can convert many different ways. Their size and shape make them easy to handle. Ideal for use as vases or feet for tables, it is also possible to fill them with objects or string lights (below). This will make a nice decoration.

Wine bottles filling two functions: table legs and vases

Recycling glass bottle idea Deco idea Deco original table

glass bottles filled with light strings

glass bottle design idea light string

Chandelier suspended achieved with candlesticks glass bottles halved

wine bottles recycling idea Deco idea Recycling candles diy

Vases: Recycling idea deco very simple to perform

Recycling idea deco bottle glass recycling DIY DIY vase

Who has never found his home with empty glass bottles? Recycle glass objects, it is a very good idea. The recycle by giving them a second life and another function, that's even better! These objects can serve you in many different ways: lamp, vase, table stand, bird feeder, candle holders, lamp and many others.

Lamp base

Recycling idea wine bottle original decoration diy cheap


Decorative glass bottle recycling idea candlestick diy

Idea very original DIY luminaire to achieve with glass bottles

Recycling idea deco suspension luminaire design idea glass bottles diy

glass bottle decorated and colored in blue

Recycling idea deco glass bottle vase diy

Bottle of Sangria

glass bottle recycling original idea Deco Recycling

Chandelier suspended to achieve with glass bottles

Recycling glass bottle idea original candle luminaire suspension

Recycling Idea decor with old CDs

The era of cassettes and CDs is not quite over. Nowadays, it is true that many people listen to music digitally. Yet CD stores, tapes and vinyl records exist thanks to his faithful old. CD collector or not, you probably have old CDs and tapes at home that you no longer use. Before you jump in achieving one of these recycling projects, verify that they really work anymore. It will be sad to have a data carrier also true that still works. Discover our 6 decorating ideas with pieces of old CDs:

Box decorated with pieces of old CDs

Deco idea box diy old CDs DIY original recycling idea

mirror frame: Recycling idea deco chic recycling old CDs idea deco mirror frame diy

Guitar decorated with pieces of old CDs

guitar decorated with old CDs recycling idea very original

Box decorated with pieces of old CDs

Deco idea box diy old cds original idea recycling old objects

Deco flat, decorative trim, DIY idea Me and My

DIY CDs idea deco decoration table dish diy original diy

And what about the old tapes? Here's an idea Recycling decoration that fascinate you:

very original idea realized with old tapes

Recycling idea deco recycling cassettes original suspension luminaire design idea

What to do with a can of Coca Cola? A camera !

Deco idea Recycling cans coca cola cans recycling design idea

Even more original idea Deco Recycling

Canned, too, turn into any kind of original object in the name of ecology! It is used to create decorative objects, vases, bird feeder, vertical garden etc.

Recycling conserves original child deco idea manual activitypostcard with birds bird DIY DIY idea

Three decorating ideas to make with paper and cardboard:

Recycling cardboard idea deco christmas christmas child manual activity easy DIY idea

j Recycling idea deco paperboard crown diy crown-recycling idea paperdeco flowers cardboard interior decoration idea recycle items Recycling plastic bottle idea deco design diy flower box Recycling cardboard idea Deco idea Deco original fireplace Christmas Recycling cardboard idea deco flowers deco ball christmas tree original idea Alternative

Deco book idea suspension Recycling Recycling Deco idea Recycling recycled paper house suspension lamp decoration Recycling cardboard crown deco idea wall decoration cheap design Deco idea Recycling paper flowers hung modern interior design Recycling cardboard idea deco wall painting flowers cardboard manufacturing decorate original Wall Recycling idea Deco idea cardboard paper ball recycled paper modern interior decoration cheap diy Recycling idea decorative cardboard crown design diy decorative door suspension Deco idea Recycling pumpkin ribbon Recycling original idea Deco suspended luminaire straws DIY cheap deco design door Recycling idea original decor table decor modern design diy crown brico egg box idea recycling cardboard design flowers Recycling wood recycling idea Deco Deco Christmas to make yourself Recycling deco christmas idea snowflakes paper fir paper decor christmas idea Recycling tree branches decoration idea suspension minimalist decor to make yourself Recycling idea deco pink cardboard tree cardboard DIY decor christmas Recycling cardboard idea balls christmas design diy modern interior design tree idea original decoration pumpkin seed brainchild of interior decoration party Recycling old idea deco covered recycling deco diy fork original design idea original decoration diy recycling idea owl plugs recycling idea

Small snowmen made of buttons

buttons idea deco suspension diy buttons DIY decorative tree snowman

Deco DIY straws idea interior decor to make your own recycling

Straws: These small plastic objects are transformed into light, walk or suspended design with this idea Recycling wonderful decor: Deco straws diy idea luminaire recycling interior decoration objects Recycling idea deco lamp fixture design suspension diy straws idea diy foot lamp recycling deco diy idea plastic Recycling decorative straws original idea suspension interior decor diy making

This Russian woman has used plastic caps to achieve external insulation of the house. What a funny novel idea! Deco DIY idea recycling bottle caps very original idea

And corks become original decor: Recycling idea deco caps christmas tree decoration idea christmas wine making

Recycling idea Deco idea corks wine wall deco interior design cheap

Recycling idea deco wine corks giraffe

Deco idea of ​​Recycling and children creative activity DIY decor child easy idea diy paper recycling timber object

Two decorative ideas Recycling to achieve with old fabrics Recycling old garment original idea diy carpet cheap old t-shirt idea

Recycling idea wool jacket design objects recycling idea

Recycling old sweater candle idea Deco idea recycle original interior design wool cushion candle

plastic recycling idea luminaire modern interior design idea suspension

Recycling deco idea recycling glass jar candle deco design exterior interior design candles

Recycling idea Deco objects macaque recycling brainchild Recycling idea deco snowman original idea diy DIY christmas decor idea Recycling Deco idea plastic bottles Recycling Deco idea Recycling plastic bottles child diy manual activity Recycling idea deco DIY decorative plastic coccinnelle diy idea recycling plastic bottle recycling plastic bottles idea suspension storage planter diy Recycling idea deco mirror frame diy idea deco original DIY wallpaper

What to do with old suitcases? Here's a funny idea of ​​Recycling:

Recycling Deco furniture storage idea

DIY ideas to achieve with wooden objects Recycling

Recycling idea Deco coat rack original wood design recycling idea

suspended luminaire design idea wood decorative wood diy recycling objects

very original coffee table made from any kind of wooden legs

Recycling deco coffee table idea

Wooden coffee table to make yourself

Recycling Deco stool idea

Recycling idea deco wooden table

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