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original Halloween costume and home to some ideas

easy halloween costumes ideas child

Halloween, the day of witches and vampires may well come from Ireland. But today is a holiday celebrated all over the world! In France, the party is popular among children who love to go door to door and receive goodies during the night of October 31.

And it becomes increasingly celebrated also by some young people and their parents.

Halloween Costume original to do at home: 29 ideas for big and small!

Halloween disguise original minions

In Canada, closer to the US, where Halloween is really an institution, the number of children who may go door to door in the night of October 31 was more than 3 500 000 in 2015! Besides, if Halloween had some success in Europe, it is also because the party mix many traditions (Celtic, Roman, Christian ...) who were well known in the countries of the old continent.

Many families around the world prefer the original Halloween costume homemade

Halloween fancy dress costumes makeup woman

If you are looking for original Halloween costume ideas and home this year, you are one of those who like to combine the day of October 31 creative arts. For even if the costume rental for the party exists in many parts of the world, a large majority of families continue to manufacture its own festive outfits. Let us therefore original examples that you can take for your costume this year!

Halloween Costume original and easy to create: look Wednesday Friday Addams

halloween costume dress girl makeup

Wednesday Friday Addams is one of the most recognizable female characters and the easiest to imitate the night of October 31. Achieve the look of the daughter of the Addams family is really easy, especially if you have black hair; you would have to wear a black dress, accompanied by a claudine blanc collar, socks and black shoes. Remember the scary makeup that goes with this suit. Start by applying a base in pale colors on your face; Then highlight your lips, your eyes and your eyebrows with black color.

DIY costume: Gothic Halloween costume for woman

Gothic Halloween costume idea

The Gothic style is an inspiration for fans of the original Halloween costume. With simple costumes to create outfits made from vintage, gothic look is necessarily accompanied by a suitable makeup that gives an air accomplished disguise. Read our special article on Gothic makeup for more!

original Halloween costume model for children: garden gnome *

child costume cheap halloween

Some find cute garden gnomes while others consider that they are scary. Whatever your attitude towards it, know that these creatures are part of European folklore and the Anglophone countries. A gnome in disguise would be immediately recognized as fun and original!

Idea friendly costume daughter chat, symbolic animal of Halloween

halloween costume ideas cheap

Need ideas for a costume last minute that would be kind of cute? Try a themed costume black cat, animals typically associated with witches and Halloween.

Halloween witch costume cheap and simple to recreate

Witch Halloween Costume makeup

Speaking of witches, there are many fancy models like this that are not difficult to recreate, especially if you like to tinker a pointed hat and have fun covering your face with green makeup. Not forgetting the little details, like the purple nail polish.

original costumes for children: Halloween ghost look easy

Halloween Costumes child cheap

In recent years, the vampires and the undead were among the most popular characters in the frightening night of October 31. But with the return of films about ghosts, white suits that allow us to play as a creature of this type find their news. And so much the better because they are really easy to make at home!

Halloween Look for woman cheap disguise: Rosie the Riveter

Halloween Costume disguise girls makeup

Play the role of a pop culture icon in America, this tell you? Have fun you to disguise yourself as Rosie the Riveter.

Costume idea for girls inspired by the Disney universe: Beautiful princess

Halloween disguise original examples

In the history of the festival of witches, TV and cinema have always played an important role in inspiring looks for large and small. Disney characters are among the most loved and most sought after models like Halloween disguise homemade.

Example of original Halloween costume to Girls

halloween costume original costume disney

If you've always dreamed of the role of the princess, take the opportunity of the Halloween party. Recreate the character Belle in a blue dress and white knee-length and a suitable hairstyle!

Halloween Costumes Cheap to cardboard - Lego characters

Halloween costume idea cheap homemade

After Disney characters that fascinate small, there are other very recognizable creatures: those of the Lego universe ... Take it or leave it, Lego character costume consists of a box painted in the colors of a suit typical small figurines that we know from our childhood. A simple idea and Halloween look cheap!

costume idea and cheap Halloween costume inspired by the Batman films

Halloween costume idea original woman home

But the characters from the world of cinema and comics do not stop there at all.

Sample easy costume for Halloween

a premade Halloween disguise

For among the disguise of ideas adored by girls and boys by modern, it is also inspired one of Batman movies. Dominated by the color black, the Batman suit comes in several variants; some appeal to those who want to stick to the original look of the hero of Gotham City, others - lovers creative solutions!

Halloween Costumes for Men inspired by Star Wars

halloween costume original woman-suit-star-wars-idee

The return of the films of the Star Wars saga inspires parents to introduce their children the world of Sith and Jedi. Whether you are passionate about the original trilogy or episodes recently launched, you have full Halloween costumes interesting options!

Star Wars Halloween costume for the whole family

halloween costume original family-star-wars-suits

Ideas fun Halloween look: animated characters

halloween costume original smurfs-suit-girl-wife

Adopt an original look for Halloween does not require excessive investments; However, sometimes, the originality of the costume may be due to our desire to experiment! You are ready to paint your skin in an unusual paint color, like blue or orange? In this case, you can turn yourself into Smurfette or Marge Simpson!

Original Halloween Costume Idea for wife Marjorie Simpson

halloween costume disguise original-woman-man-simpsons

Moreover, these two styles do not require much effort. You would need a dress typical of the character (for Smurfette white; green to Marge Simpson) and a few accessories. Think of a blond or blue wig, a white cap for Smurfette and a necklace with large red beads for Marge Simpson!

Halloween Costume man cheap and original: Popeye the Sailor

halloween costume disguise original man-easy-model

As for enthusiasts of vintage animated series, they now have the opportunity to take our idea man Halloween costume of not complicated: Popeye the sailor Nice find for boys who want to show off their muscles, like Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed The Rock on the image above.

original costume for Halloween: cheap and fun costumes

original and easy Halloween disguise

To impress with its original Halloween costume and home, no need to spend days to tinker complicated outfit ... Neither applying makeup for hours; an original idea is often sufficient.

Girl Halloween Costume: recycle original costumes that you have at home

halloween costume original girl dress

When seeking inspiration for developing your child's costume for Halloween, we rarely think of the outfits you already purchased for other occasions. And yet, most moms have full, stowed in a closet at home! So why not recycle such a costume at the 31 October?

Simple Halloween Costumes homemade with some accessories

halloween idea child suit

In many cases, children have participated in activities that called for the creation or purchase of an original costume. Birthday Parties, plays organized at school, fun activities during the summer holidays ... So many opportunities related to the preparation of disguises for children.

original Halloween Makeup and easy costume for girl

original costume halloween makeup

So, we can use as a starting point for adapting this outfit for the Halloween party, with a few small accessories only. Great idea for moms who want to please their children without spending much!

Halloween costume boy making fast

halloween costume child cheap

And if you were told that making a Halloween costume for a child does not necessarily require sewing skills? Yes, you can count on clothes every day, to be completed with a few homemade items.

How to dress for Halloween without buying a suit

halloween fancy dress easy makeup

Another really practical option for girls and boys who do not want to invest in an original costume: Halloween makeup. Basically, a hairdresser and a suitable Halloween makeup will be more than enough to allow you to completely change your look.

Makeup and Halloween costume easy to do at home

halloween simple costume disguise

Accompany your Halloween makeup and hairstyle clothes everyday. But wait, hold it up to a clear picture. Choose from black and white or for a dress or tunic mimicking holding a mythical goddess ... to you to find!

Halloween costume idea for a party with friends

halloween costume robot boy
Halloween costume child: original costumes and cheap

disguise child Easy Halloween Costumes

* Idea by Lia Griffith

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