Birthday Decoration 1 year: 50 cute ideas –

Birthday Decoration 1 year: 50 cute ideas

idea birthday girl children

After a large dossier on cake ideas for the first anniversary of your child, here are our 55 anniversary decoration proposals 1 year. The birthday party one year is very special for you, your child, your family and your friends, in short, for all your loved ones.

This is a date that marks the end of a year of experiences for the first time and a time of joy, but also severe fatigue. And a very special date, a suitable birthday decoration very special!

Birthday Decoration 1 year: ideas and tips

decoration birthday baby

How to arrange for the preparation and decoration of this day? Here is our simple answer: when preparing the birthday decoration 1 year for your child, consider two things; First, your child, which will be the "guest of honor" of the day and then to your guests. If you organize the preparation and decoration of your child's birthday around these two axes, you'd be sure and certain to leave nothing to chance.

decorating idea birthday girl and party theme

decoration girls birthday party themes

For decoration anniversary about the first axis, the one dedicated to your child, think of a suitable theme for the day of celebration. Organizing a birthday around a theme much easier, since it is this theme that will allow you to find accessories and ideas of small decorative details.

Table Decoration Ideas Kid Birthday

ideas deco table birthday children

So think your theme, maybe watching your child or thinking about it a few small moments in the weeks preceding the anniversary of your daughter or your son. Once found your theme, the rest of the decoration will come much faster!

Decoration table and high chairDeco baby one year anniversary idea

And do not be afraid that you will râter "good" theme and avoid favoring one idea if you like more of them. You could still keep the rest for years to come!

Idea birthday decor and theme of children's holiday

child birthday table

Side theme, you can choose a decoration around a cartoon or around a favorite book to your child. Another good idea: choose the theme according to the season. For example, if your birthday party one year in the spring or summer, consider holding all the decorations around a theme related to the nature and celebrate your party in the garden.

Example anniversary decoration and baby chair

birthday party ideas child

Other favorite birthday decoration ideas for 1 year parents are those of the birthday princess, the little star that illuminates the lives of parents and, of course, around the themes of toys: cars, airplanes, teddy bears, etc.

Idea decoration birthday party for daughter

Photo girls decoration 1 year anniversary

In addition, to honor this very special day of your child, you might choose to decorate the baby chair with decor paper or fabric. You see a very nice example in the image above. Be certain that your guests find this very cute idea!

Examples birthday decoration for kids: 1 year

all for the children birthday party

As for the rest of those present at the birthday party one year, be sure to have adequate food for all types of guests. Remember to think, for example, to other parents with babies, mothers who are breastfeeding and you could invite to your special day, but also for older children who will love snack cakes, ice cream or candy.

Birthday Decorating Ideas: 1 year

ideas birthday child 1 year

Also think of your friends who may have no children and you do not want to discourage with a meal only for the little ones.

Birthday Party Decoration 1 year by Alicia Mealy

deco baby child birthday party 1 year

Certainly, such an organization and decoration that accompanies take a little more time. But if you think of all this, the time will pass your guests will look much better. Once all these elements taken into account, play with the decoration of various dishes you have provided and that the birthday table. You could complete the festive look and theme of the day.

Deco for child birthday Alicia Mealy

anniversary to make deco

You rely prepare cakes for the feast of your little princess yourself? In this case, play with a specific theme. Throw yourself even if you are not very gifted for cake decorating. Print images of animals, cars or princesses you found on the canvas and place them around small birthday cakes!

blue decoration with cake do yourselfbaby birthday table decoration idea apples

Like to cook and you have a lot of experience in the preparation of biscuits and cupcakes? Do not hesitate to make sweet treats with the letters of the name of your baby. Or, draw thematic images on your cupcakes.

How to make decorations for baby birthday oneself

make paper decoration birthday child

Paper garlands are not expensive and are found everywhere in stores. But why not have fun creating customized versions on the occasion of the feast of his daughter or his son? This is an idea that will appeal to those who like crafts and painting!

Nice idea birthday decoration: 1 year

decoration ideas birthday children

And for that matter, why not cut out personalized letters to adorn the space around the birthday buffet? Do not limit yourself to only the area behind the buffet; also consider the front and empty spaces on the table itself.

baby birthday decoration - how to make a paper wreath

decoration tables birthday party baby

You do not like yourself? Rest assured, you can still provide your little one's birthday decoration personalized 1 year. Explore the interesting fonts in your word processor. Find that seems fun and you want to use for the manufacture of a festive garland. Write your message and start printing. If necessary, use crayons to add color to your improvised wreath!

Conduct a baby birthday deco 1 year with black slate

deco birthday child table

Otherwise, obtain a blackboard or a wooden board covered with chalkboard paint. Install the table near the festive table or buffet, and write your message with a little chalk.

Make a baby album to decorate a birthday baby 1 year

pictures children's birthday party

To complete all these decorations birthday one year, consider creating an improvised album. Again, you can use a piece of wood or slate. It will be the support for your album that should make using pictures of your baby. If desired, accompany this deco panel of a frame and place it at the entrance to the party room.

Making a birthday deco 1 year for the throne of the star of the day

deco birthday baby chair

essential thing for a birthday decoration 1 year successful, the throne of the star of this special day. Create ornaments suited to this important piece of furniture. Try to give the colors and images you will use with the selected party theme.

Decoration 1 year birthday girl and boy - ideas in pictures!

accessory decoration birthday girls

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