Decorate his house for Christmas in over 50 magical ideas –

Decorate his house for Christmas in over 50 magical ideas

decorate his house for Christmas garland brainchild fir

Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year only lasts a day. From the first days of winter, we want to decorate our interior a warm and festive way.

This is a time of reunion and good times with family and friends. Small love Christmas, the big kids too! Decorating is fun. How decorate his house for Christmas a modern and original way? If you are looking for original ideas for decorating your home or apartment, we invite you to discover our selection of over 50 examples of interior and exterior decoration, inspired by the magic of Christmas.

Decorate his house for Christmas with bright stars

decorate his house for Christmas star candles original suspension

To decorate the house for Christmas, the dining room is the heart of the festivities: this is the point of reunion and sharing meals. At the end of the year, we meet around the table to share good food and drink good wine with our loved ones. To draw your table, there are some rules to follow. First, although calculate the number of people who will attend the dinner's Eve. It is important to allow enough room for everyone to be comfortable. Avoid too bulky, you already have plates, cutlery, glasses and napkins to ask. The presence of additional decorative items is not necessary. Install only a few candles.

Decorate his house for Christmas red, green and white

decorate his house for Christmas Christmas wreath original suspension table

A cotton tablecloth with original patterns and paper or cloth towel will do. Candles are also an important part of Christmas decoration. They can easily create a new atmosphere at home. Moreover, they are a source of gentle and discreet light. You can place them and decorate them in many ways. You have a very wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and varied aromatic odors.

Christmas decoration minimalist, modern style with neutral colors

decorate his house for Christmas contemporary design idea dining table

What is the symbol of Christmas? It's the tree. Many people consider the decoration of the Christmas tree the most important time to create the Christmas atmosphere sought. Our advice is to go for a real potted tree. It is an ecological choice because you can then replant. Do not long keep it inside, because it is a tree like the cold climate. It does not easily bear the hot and dry conditions. If you have a balcony or terrace, it is better to keep it out. If you find that the conditions in your area may be by him, replant it in the woods. Be eco-responsible!

decorate his house for Christmas idea

Then it's up to you to customize the decoration of your tree to your taste. A tree is a beautiful tree itself, it has a very pleasant smell: the Christmas scent. Just hang garlands, put some ornaments and a star on top for an elegant tree. With some decorations, you'll keep the charm and natural beauty of your tree.

Idea decorating the Christmas table

decorating idea with storage Deco idea festive table runners

If you are not lucky owners of outdoor space, located inside the potted tree will not survive. Then consider other green alternatives. Making your tree to decorate his house for Christmas of original objects. Books, branches, stickers, Recycling objects ... Buy a cut Christmas tree is not very environmentally friendly. For some people it is difficult to go without a real Christmas tree. Fortunately, there are many other alternatives that you kids will love! We invite you to read our article on this subject and discover 25 possible alternatives fir and low price.

Idea of ​​green fir wood to make yourselfdecorate his house for Christmas idea diy green fir

The hanging socks to decorate his house for Christmas is also a symbol of the Santa Claus party. You can hang anywhere: around the fireplace on your Christmas tree or anywhere else that seems appropriate. If you want a nice time with your kids creativity, build them and decorate them yourself.

decorating idea with skis and socks for Christmasdecorate his house for Christmas DIY Wall suspension

The tradition of hanging stockings to decorate his house for Christmas in the fireplace or lay under the tree is thousands of years. It all starts with Nicolas who wanted to help the poor. There were three poor sisters. One night they went to bed, leaving their socks were drying. Nicolas who knew the misery of this family then decided to fill their socks with gold. Since thousands of children continue this tradition.

Figures for the Christmas tree very cute by West Elm

Deco figurines fir brainchild animals

Another great symbol of Christmas is the pinecone. Fell to the ground, she announced the official arrival of winter. Easy to handle, the pine cone can become the beautiful Christmas decoration DIY. A crown, toys for the Christmas tree, decorative table ... The pine cones cost next to nothing and the kids love them! Some call apple pine cone. natural object and easy to handle, it is susceptible to any kind of transformation.

Deco Christmas with pineconesdecorate his house for Christmas pinecone idea

Paper or cardboard, we all at home. Easy to handle, the paper allows us to realize the many decorating ideas for Christmas expensive. Snowflakes, origami, crown, flowers ... It's easy and ideal as an activity for kids! Have a creative weekend with your children and teach them to make origami, for example. This activity will stimulate their imagination. Making your own Christmas decoration is not only practical but also very educational for your little toddlers. Tinkering and manufacture object with her children allows them to learn to respect the environment and recycle.

Christmas decoration idea DIY paperDecorate his house for Christmas in over 50 magical ideas

DIY idea - fir with paper tape Original Christmas decoration idea DIY paper not expensive

The artificial tree, also like the cut tree is environmentally unfriendly. It is true that you can keep for a few years, but its production has a cost to the environment. There are design templates fir timber sizes which can be integral to modern or traditional interiors.

Small decorative fir woodDeco fir wood brainchild modern design decorative objects

Having an indoor fireplace is magical, especially when we meet around Christmas. Fire and mulled wine warm us. It tells stories to his children watching us with their eyes wide open and full of wonder. Hanging socks, think about adding other decorative items for a Christmas atmosphere even more magical. Above the fireplace, you can place a wreath, candles, frames.

fireplace decoration with socks and executives fireplace decorate Christmas idea wall frame

Look what a beautiful idea of ​​minimalist and colorful alternative fir:

Idea alternative and green firdecorate his house for Christmas idea red carpet floor

Idea decorative fireplace with Christmas starsdecorative fireplace brainchild mirror flower bouquets objects

Elegant interior with fireplace and two white socks and Christmas suspended decorate Christmas fireplace brainchild christmas socks different sized candleshome decor christmas crown idea mirror frames candles

Idea decoration of the entrance of the househome decoration door'entrée idée couronne guirlande lumière

If one has no outdoor fireplace in winter you do not spend much time on the terrace or balcony because it's cold. Yet our exterior is the interior of our business card. Decorate your garden or balcony with fairy lights, red and gold objects. If your terrain allows, planting pine trees and decorate them!

Decor with feathers and transparent balls decorate his house for Christmas idea light feathers

Now we leave you to discover the rest of selection of ideas and original objects of decoration for modern interiors and a magical atmosphere for the Christmas holidays:

Candles: an essential decorative elementdecorate his house for Christmas design red white candle

orange and white candles decoratedDecorative candles for noel maison modern original idea

center table decoration with Christmas balls and red flowersdecorate his house for Christmas flower bouquets idea balls

Great Christmas wreathinterior decorating idea christmas wreath fireplace floor mats

Garland pompoms Deco house christmas wreath design idea

cute Christmas Decoration Deco figurines fir modern brainchild inside

candles Deco idea christmas fireplace candle wreath crown

Origami Christmas Decominimalist christmas decoration design objects suspension decorate his house for Christmas idea crown integrated modern interior light

Christmas decoration idea stylish Elegant Christmas decoration idea suspension objects cheap DIY

Small wooden treechristmas idea of ​​interior decoration original crown candle fir wood idea

Candles for the Christmas tableDeco Christmas table idea sweets table candles center

Deco Christmas diningdeco-christmas-table-dining-room

Modern Christmas Decochristmas decoration garland suspended modern original idea

Christmas' ballsinterior decoration idea christmas candles stars balls

Deco White Christmas decorative flowers idea interior suspension ball table christmas

candlesdecorate his house for Christmas brainchild

green GarlandOriginal orange garland decorate Christmas fireplace curtains mats

Deco Christmas doordecorate Christmas house door'entrée rouge ruban original

Crown feather effecthome decorating feathers brainchild christmas decorate his house for Christmas

Snowflakeshome interior decorating idea snowflake wool DIY

Some interesting ideashome decorating christmas pinecones

minimalist Christmaschristmas decor minimalist modern design idea suspension figurines decorate his house for Christmas

Some Christmas decor ideas Christmas decoration objects brainchild modern design figurines

Alternative Fir smallChristmas decorative items brainchild fireplace decorate his house for Christmas

Grand firChristmas tree decoration idea gray sofa modern living room carpet

Decorative Christmas table centerpieceChristmas table decoration idea garland

Crown for decoration fireplace Christmascrown deco fireplace mirror balls cushions idea

Christmas table decoration ideaDeco table christmas tree idea suspension

Birds wadded Deco fir brainchild animals objects decorate his house for Christmas

Scandinavian Christmas decoration ideaDeco fir brainchild

Deco Christmas to make yourselfChristmas tree deco DIY idea

Alternative Christmas Tree decorate his house for Christmas decorating Christmas table idea branch'arbre figurines boules sapin

Decorate his house for Christmaschristmas tree decoration idea Modern design object decoration idea

Happy Holidays !decorate his house for noël sapin idea original figurines

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