Deco Scandinavian living room 75 ideas for modern interior –

Deco Scandinavian living room 75 ideas for modern interior

Deco Scandinavian living ideas

Scandinavian design is known for its modern look. Furniture with clean lines, bright interiors and wooden details together to create a look that is both contemporary and rustic.

Details like metal accents, original patterns and homemade accessories can undoubtedly completely change the atmosphere in a room. Today, we will focus on the Deco Scandinavian lounge with many fine examples.

Deco Scandinavian living color

Deco Scandinavian living original idea

Brands like Ikea and Marimekko have gained popularity over the years by offering high quality products collections that illustrate the best in Scandinavian design and decoration. Scandinavian companies are grouped all around the idea that good design should be affordable. And it is still a very good news for all of us!

Deco lounge with Scandinavian wood furniture

Scandinavian gray white deco salon

One of the hallmarks of Scandinavian design is the furniture with clean lines. Elegant sofas and cleverly designed chairs are often key elements in Scandinavian style decor as you'll see from the images below. But the Scandinavian furniture is not only modern and chic, they are also very comfortable. Comfort is the top priority in the Deco Scandinavian lounge.

Scandinavian-style living room decoration

Scandinavian modern decor lounge chair

Often, besides the clean, simple lines, Scandinavian pieces are characterized by their geometry. It is often rectangular shelves, triangular metal art pieces and round patterns on the lamps and tables. These elements are very present on the Ikea products, for example. One way to make the strictly modern sofa sweeter is incorporating tufting.

Deco idea of ​​Scandinavian living room with gray sofa

Deco Scandinavian living color

Many Scandinavian furniture is inspired by mid-century design. You will find many flared and tapered wood legs, for example. When you choose Scandinavian furniture for your living room, opt for pieces that you really like. If you're a fan of the 50s and 60s, then furnish your living room with pieces inspired by that time.

Scandinavian Living Room decorated with black and white cushions

Scandinavian decor deco lounge cushions

What is also very important for the Deco Scandinavian lounge it is the wood. It can be a wooden floor or just wooden details, but the wood occupies generally an important place in the interior. wooden beams and wooden furniture give a golden glow to the modern interiors. If you want to create a natural look in your living room without having to necessarily buy great furniture, so opt for accents and decorative accessories wood as a bowl, a lamp or vase you can put on your coffee table.

Idea Scandinavian style of living room decor

Scandinavian modern decor living room sofa

Do not be afraid of color if you want to create a Scandinavian interior. The bright interiors and warm wooden buttons are important components of Scandinavian design, but the use of bright colors is too. A great way to give a touch of color to your decor is by switching to color in accessories like cushions, vases and furniture. Another tip that will help illuminate the living room is to hang a colorful work of art on the walls. Choose shades that follow with the rest of your decor and the decorative theme. Feel free to incorporate several bright colors with interesting patterns and prints.

Decoration modern Scandinavian living room

Deco Scandinavian living room sofa dark gray

And just like the colors that make the most interesting Scandinavian interior, textiles are also very important for this decorative style. Companies like Ikea offer a wide variety of reasons that you will not find elsewhere. From the cutting geometry and abstract forms are often the appointment as you go you will realize watching our images.

Deco interesting Scandinavian living room in white

Deco Scandinavian living room sofa white

Another Scandinavian company often works with interesting prints is Marimekko. To make your more original living room, go for Deco cushions shapes and interesting colors. And do not forget the sofas, chairs and armchairs. It is true that for some a sofa with printed patterns may be too garish. If you either, you do not like this style of sofa, so opt for a chair with printed patterns instead. But do not forget the classic Scandinavian motifs such as tiles and scratches. Red and blue are colors often used in Scandinavian decor and are also perfect for decoration of living especially in winter.

Scandinavian Living Room decorated with wooden accessories

Deco lounge Scandinavian wood accents

Metal accents are another feature of the Scandinavian design. In fact, metal construction is typical for Scandinavian furniture like coffee tables, armchairs and chairs. Besides the furniture, metal accents are also found in decorative pieces and lamps. For a while there is a great popularity of copper and gold finishes. here are illustrations of these images tips:

Scandinavian lounge decorated in black and white

deco lounge elegant Scandinavian

Scandinavian Room Makeover white

white deco living room Scandinavian

Scandinavian style furniture with comfortable gray sofa

Scandinavian gray deco lounge sofa

Deco Scandinavian living room with wooden chairs

Deco Scandinavian wood lounge chairs

Scandinavian living room with sofa and two wooden coffee tables

Deco Scandinavian living two coffee tables

decoration living room chair with faux fur

Deco Scandinavian design lounge chair

Scandinavian bright living room with yellow chair

Deco Scandinavian yellow lounge chair

Deco Scandinavian style lounge chair design

Deco Scandinavian original lounge chair

white and gray Design Show

Scandinavian gray white deco salon

Scandinavian Living with Modern Wall Deco

Deco Scandinavian living room idea

Scandinavian design room with wooden furniture

Deco interesting Scandinavian lounge

Deco modern Scandinavian living room

Deco black Scandinavian living room balc

Deco lounge Scandinavian black white

Deco original Scandinavian lounge

Deco Scandinavian open lounge

Deco Scandinavian living rayeures

Deco Scandinavian wood floor lounge

Deco Scandinavian wood floor lounge

Deco Scandinavian living room table art

Deco lounge Scandinavian wooden coffee table

Deco Scandinavian living room coffee table range

Deco Scandinavian living room coffee table suitcase

Deco lounge Scandinavian gray carpet

Deco Scandinavian living white black carpet

Scandinavian minimalist deco salon

Scandinavian modern deco salon

Scandinavian decor living room

Scandinavian deco salon dark colors

Scandinavian modern living room decor

Scandinavian original living room decor

Scandinavian decor living room coffee table round

Scandinavian deco living room idea

Scandinavian idea deco living room

Scandinavian deco living room idea

Modern Scandinavian design lounge

Scandinavian deco living room sofa

Scandinavian living deco colors calires

Scandinavian elegant deco lounge

Scandinavian living deco gray white

Scandinavian living deco idea

Scandinavian minimalist deco lounge

Scandinavian living room sofa decoration

Scandinavian living room design

deco living room Scandinavian style

Scandinavian living deco table rollers

Scandinavian living deco red carpet

Scandinavian design elegant lounge

Scandinavian lounge interesting design

Scandinavian living room lighting design

Scandinavian living white black design

Scandinavian living room coffee table design

Scandinavian living deco idea

modern Scandinavian living room black sofa

Scandinavian living room brick accent wall

lounge Scandinavian modern wood furniture

Scandinavian living room tables Modern Art

Scandinavian living room coffee table metal

Scandinavian living original design table

Scandinavian living room coffee tables DIY

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