sloping garden: 33 plant design ideas –

sloping garden: 33 plant design ideas

Contemporary sloping garden

If your garden is on a slope, you must surely have problems with maintenance and development. But the sloping garden is perfect for a deco vegetated terraces and flowers which will make the beautiful and original.

We find the slopes in a multitude of gardens in urban and mountainous rural areas. The steep slopes are real challenges for their owners and even professional gardeners. The gardens of this kind are very dangerous to mow the land is poor and suffers from erosion.

Beautiful garden sloping

garden deco idea slope

Erosion is the biggest danger of all slopes are covered with vegetation. That is why we will help you with ideas for how to manage your sloping garden. First you must first assess your field for instructions and then design what will be most suitable for your future garden. If the inclination of the slope is very large or very complex, it may be best to hire a professional who can advise you on what type of vegetation will be most appropriate for this field.

Garden with modern swimming pool

garden pool design slope

Certainly this type of garden is not easy to develop but once done, the result is spectacular! Terracing can be realized with stone walls, dry walls if the slope is reasonably low, or prestressed concrete for extreme resistance to landslides. Use a design office, at least to assess the risks on the ground and to get an idea of ​​the different options available to you.

Terraced garden vegetation

deco terraces sloping garden

Modern Garden Landscaping

Modern garden slope Layouts

Having a garden, flat or sloping, it's good luck! It is true that the slopes are much more demanding. Their development requires a computing time and significant reflection. With the guidance of landscape and a few simple tips, your steep terrain can be transformed to an impressive outdoor space.

Idea sloping garden with deckinggarden deco gravel slope development

The sloping garden is spectacular. It is often large, bulky and very original appearance. This type of garden is one of the most difficult to design. It is also one that needs to be very creative in its decisions.

Large garden rich in vegetation slopevegetation sloping garden idea basin'eau

The first thing to do with its slope is to create different slope. This sloping garden design however pose maintenance problems: water flows and our plants, never sufficiently watered. Fortunately, there are tips that can be very useful when planning your garden sloping. To keep moisture, it is inspired by Japanese gardens and installs large rocks. We also place rock to create small flat areas and put some perennials. They will retain water and earth. Another way that allows stabilize your garden sloping walls and the installation. Wood or stone, the walls support and enable avoiding landslide.

Rocks and rock to stabilize the steep terrainstone stairway slope garden idea

Fancy a garden with flowering plants? Before choosing plants for your garden, we must ensure that the ground is suitable. garden vegetation is chosen depending on the slope of the region and its orientation (south, north, east, west).

sloping garden with flowersgarden stone staircase flowers slope

Which plants for my sloping garden? Almost all plants are suitable there! However, landscapers advise to prefer vines. They are chosen for two reasons: practical and aesthetic. This kind of plant allows visually increase the volumes of banks. They also make it even more spectacular garden.

Idea management sloping garden with stonesstone garden layout idea slope

Some plants that are suitable for this type of garden design are: the cypress of Italy, the small cypress, globular, black pine, umbrella pine and others. Usually, the type of ground cover plants and grasses that have creeping roots are ideal to stabilize the slope.

Garden Photo floored contemporary style

Garden design slope

And yes, a sloping garden, this causes problems. And yet, what are its benefits? Once designed, the sloping garden unfolds spectacular. Landscape advise thinking about the light in order to admire it even at night. Making a rocky and steep terrain, a fruitful land, it is a very good gesture for the environment. Any field can be adapted to grow plants. Having a sloping garden is not really a problem in itself. It allows to develop his creative spirit.

sloping garden decorated with stone

sloping garden decoration

The sloping garden helps create not one but several different gardens! Each level can have style and function. This type of garden design allows plants to its value. It will not be wrong to say that the sloping garden is indeed a landscaped garden.

Deco modern garden deco garden sloping

The second disadvantage of the sloping garden is the problem of access to plants. This is why in a sloping garden is almost always installs stairs to mostly stone. The sloping garden allows transform his garden went to a garden stairs! This ensures easy access to the garden and allows to walk and contemplate its beautiful plants. Use natural materials to create your stairs.

Idea elegant garden with pool

garden pool slope

Sloping or flat, any outdoor space is a potential paradise. Growing plants is an activity that will give you pleasant moments. The watch, day and night, will help you relax. Having a garden is a real happiness ...

Terraced garden in front of house

original modern design garden

garden space floored with pools

Layouts deco garden slope

Garden with green wall and original decoration Layouts modern garden slope

Beautiful garden with stone path deco garden vegetation stone

original vegetable garden decoration garden decoration idea vegetal

Mediterranean-style garden Modern garden slope

Garden landscaping with decorative stonesLayouts idea deco garden

Beautiful garden sloping garden plot idea Layouts

Stone staircase

deco modern garden idea

Think of the light in the night

idee deco garden vegetation

We create embankment

contemporary garden terrace vegetation

stone walls to stabilize the earth


original modern design garden

Idea of ​​steel walls

Garden Aménagment slope

Perennials to hold water

contemporary deco sloping garden

Garden lit slope in the night

modern design garden slope

garden slope industrial style

garden modern industrial style

garden plants vegetation

garden terraces typical English

English cottage garden terraces

garden terraces wood beads

circular metal garden terraces

modern design garden terraces

garden terraces stone stairs

terraced garden Eze Coast'Azur

garden terraces flower beds

garden terraces forest edge

stone walls garden pool terraces

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