Decking – 75 ideas for a modern decor –

Decking – 75 ideas for a modern decor

amenager wooden terrace pot plants

The wooden deck is always beautiful and comfortable and a magical place to rest when it's nice out. The wood deck is a natural appearance and must choose its decor.

You can also combine several types of wood for a more interesting look. Here are some original and modern ideas how to decorate a wood deck. Look !

Beautiful wooden terrace decorated with plants

patio ideas wooden plant

The wood - a material that combines nature and heat. It is not surprising then that it is very often introduced in all contemporary exterior and interior. No matter if it is an area of ​​rustic bohemian style or space industrial style, the warm presence of wood has become a must. In exterior design, wood is present in the form of covering and furniture.

Terrace with outdoor fireplace

fireplace of grass wooden terrace

To create an exterior that perfectly harmonize with your garden and the nature that surrounds it, we choose the wood. One of its great advantages is that there are many varied look of wood species and at prices to suit all budgets.

green terrace with wooden beams

pergola wooden terrace

modern patio with outdoor kitchen

Layouts garden and wooden terrace

In town or in the countryside, we put on his wooden floor terrace previously worked and lacquered for a good weather resistance. You do not need to combine with furniture made of wood, you can opt for more modern solutions like those great seats and chic design:

Patio Landscaping coated wood

contemporary deco wooden terrace

Is this your covered or open terrace? If you want to put on your wooden floor, it is necessary to think well protected. Unlike stone and concrete, wood is more fragile and requires regular maintenance. This is a challenging material to the base.

Idea of ​​modern wooden decoration for patio

amenagée modern wooden terrace

Some people combine wood to wicker. The latter is very strong and frequent choice when choosing garden furniture.

Garden furniture woven wood terrace

wood fireplace design outdoor terrace

An outdoor all-wood and an outdoor fireplace: your magical summer evenings will be guaranteed! If you wish to learn more about the chimney design and homes designed for outdoor use, please refer to our recent article on this subject.

wooden pergola terrace with fireplace

wood outdoor fireplace terrace

Idea deco modern wooden terrace

wood outdoor kitchen terrace

Photo Deco terrace with beach fashion Deco beach wood terrace

Put a wooden porch and the stone book for non-covered garden covering is a great idea. These two materials blend beautifully together.

Terrace with built-in lights wood decoration terrace

Idea of ​​Contemporary furnished terrace modern design terrace

Small terrace in front of house beautiful terrace house

Patio with furniture and TV modern fitted out terrace

modern patio photo with interesting coffee tablemodern decor wooden terrace

A terrace next to a decorative water source wood water source deco terrace

The roof terrace is the dream of many. If you have access to such a space, please do not forsake it! Very few are the lucky ones who can enjoy such a view of the city. The convert is surprisingly simple. With the large selection of lamps and furniture, we find solutions for everyone. The presence of vegetation is of course a must to create the atmosphere sought terrace. It installs potted plants or is made a vertical garden!

modern terrace Idea with purple cushions green wooden terrace

Wood is also an easy material to convert. Below, a wooden terrace dressed seen whose wood was deprived of its natural look and rustic at the base. It was converted into gray flooring, perfectly matched to the rest of the setting for this space.

Contemporary patio design modern wooden patio furniture

Terrace with deco rollers home furnishing terrace

Very nice terrace with fireplace decor Original deco terrace platform

Terrace modern multilevel decorating large wooden terrace

Patio design with decorative gray gray wood patio decoration

Photo Design palm terrace palm patio decoration

Terrace design with decorative stone decorative patio stones

Small terrace with colorful cushions INTEGRATED terrace decoration lights

terrace exterior with traditional decor Original patio decoration

exterior terrace in town the industrial style decoration terrace industrial style

Terrace with stone and bricks Deco patio stone bricks

Large terrace with rounded shapes large wooden terrace rounded

wooden platform on a terrace palte-shaped wooden terrace

The terrace and lighting

The lighting of your wooden clad terrace is not to be taken lightly. Do not choose very expensive and not affordable lighting. The key to properly develop and illuminate your terrace, is balance.

Patio with built-in lightswood patio design amenagé

Terrace design with a very original decoration patio decoration wood echeques

Terrace with kitchen patio outdoor kitchen design

contemporary patio with modern decor elements patio modern deco details

It is often said - the lighting is essential for all outdoor and indoor home. The human eye does not need as strong lighting adapts very quickly after dark. It is more powerful than you think! We see very often interior and exterior house where the error installing the bright light was made. This is not only visually unpleasant, but as little healthy for your vision. is illuminated by spotlights and lights always choose solutions that are closest to the spectrum of natural light.

Patio with light staircase patio staircase light integrated

Stairs and bright furnishings are an ideal choice for those looking for practical and aesthetic solutions. Another lighting solution terrace small price, these are the Christmas lights. Whether we love them!

modern decor and patio furniture

modern deco furniture patio

Modern and contemporary decor Patio

contemporary deco modern patio

The outdoor fireplace is also a very good source of light and heat! The self-made is surprisingly easy. There are various sources online that will show you how to go and where to start. Usually a weekend is more than enough for an outdoor fireplace with stones.

ultra modern wooden patio

ultra modern wooden patio

terrace Idea on wooden platform

Original wood deck terrace

Outdoor terrace with loungers

lounger terrace wood

Terrace with fireplace and wooden benches

wood fireplace terrace benches

deck layout with light-colored furnishings

Wood deco white furniture terrace

original decoration of exterior terrace

Original deco wooden terrace

Idea rustic decor terrace

rustqiue wood decoration terrace

amenagee wooden terrace design

wood outside shower terrace

terrace outdoor kitchen stairs

deco wooden benches terrace

deco colorful terrace

deco terrace plants

traditional deco terrace

Design deco stone terrace

Design plants deco terrace

terrace rounded

design outdoor furniture terrace

metal deco furniture terrace

modern fitted out terrace

Modern design wooden terrace

Modern decoration design terrace

modern decor stone terrace

modern original design terrace

modern deco stone terrace

modern wooden roof terrace

original modern fireplace terrace

deco fireplace rustic terrace

wooden veranda modern decoration

contemporary conservatory design decoration

original porch furniture design

veranda roof wood blue

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