Small modern garden: Oasis tour 55 photos –

Small modern garden: Oasis tour 55 photos

small modern garden Layouts

A small modern and contemporary garden is a small oasis of greenery, for those who do not have a large estate and want to create a little corner that will be like an extra room in the house.

The advantage of working in small is to allow beginners to try in landscaping without having to engage in pharaonic works. And with this in mind, we will focus on a decorative garden in the modern style, which will not be like a vegetable or alleys Classic your grandmother flowers.

volume optimization

small modern garden deco idea

The concept of small modern garden refers to design concepts studied, reasoned use of some species, creating a special atmosphere in a clean, minimalist style. We all present garden-style Japanese, which is an absolute classic in the rising sun, but in our region is synonymous with clean, contemporary lines. Zen mode has been widely recognized for its modern appearance as an area where you can disconnect from the outside world to recharge. But a myriad of other styles exist that gather in the name of a modern and contemporary movement.

small modern Zen-inspired garden

small modern Zen garden style

The structure of a small modern garden should meet the requirements of simplicity and clean lines, with an emphasis will be placed on a geometric and Cartesian plot. The small size does not allow for complex fantasies modern style, which should be an easy reading for the visitor. The addition of curves and more structured geometric figures will come from accessories and textures that will be added to create a harmonious whole.

The boulders harmonize parallel lines

small modern garden deco rocks

The materials in this context to be important because it takes priority bare materials, a little rough, which summarize the substance of the approach to a limited palette. The faded wood, cement, synthetic resins are modern in design garden.

idea of ​​small elegant garden furnishings


In this austere environment, where every fantasy is reduced to its simplest expression, artistic and disruptive will come from the colors present in the chosen accessories, and textures. The contemporary garden furniture, despite the rigor of its lines, highlights the choice of colors through accessories like cushions, fabrics, candles and a color provided by flowers selected on a rotating system. This view of greenery can evolve throughout the year using plants and flowers which succeed in flowering, in order to tell a story that extends into the four seasons.

design small garden with wooden walkway

small garden square reeds amenagé

Develop a small modern garden is within the reach of all but this represents some investment: if not in the time you spend there, it will be in professional that you undertake, in case you do not have the necessary time or simply that you do not envy. Anyway, please think about the design before starting anything, ask yourself whether you want to receive in return for your little corner of nature. Do you intend to use to receive your friends and have a place to take your meals outside when the weather permits? Or you want a decompression chamber in which to meditate or simply rest your eyes in a green bath after a long and hard day's scan your computer screen? Whatever function you spend on it, we are certain if you undertake such landscaping, you remove a lot. Both when your little paradise will be ready and functional, in the very process of its design. It's time to go green! We have selected for you some examples of contemporary and elegant gardens.

small terraced garden

modern furnishings garden tubs levels

decorating small Zen garden

modern garden fountains oriental style furnishings

small garden of ultra modern design

modern furnishings terrace garden rocks

plain wooden bench follows the rounded contour flowerbeds

Modern garden bench raw wood furnishings

think carefully vegetation

Oriental modern garden design

a long matured land modern furnishings channel boxwood garden

plants adapted to the climate

modern garden resistant desert land

a glass partition with home surrounded by bamboo

modern furnishings garden fire bamboo hedge

garden available in 3 universe modern garden furnishings provided 3 levels

plant decoration

modern garden design works plant walls

balanced structure in a confined space modern furnishings garden plants delineate

Japanese garden and pond Modern furnishings Garden Zen pond

a landscape architect design

small garden amenagé aerial view

design of straight lines and lush vegetation

small garden amenagé geometric walkways

diversify forms

small garden landscape wall design bench

creating successive atmospheres

amenagé small terrace garden design

vegetation provides curves that break the clean lines

small garden vegetation amenagé curves

small garden patio lighting amenagé

small garden amenagé decorative hedges

amenagé small garden adjoining London

amenagé small garden metal art work

small garden amenagé minimalist style

small garden lawn amenagé floor

small garden amenagé evening summer kitchen

small garden amenagé spheres compartments

small modern English street garden

small modern garden driveway slabs

small modern garden design floor beams

small modern garden room was fresco

small small modern garden furniture

small modern garden lighting night table

small modern garden fountains oranges island

small modern palm garden courtyard

small modern garden table umbrella shade

small modern garden design flowerbed plants

small modern garden sculpture plastic dog

small modern garden cut vegetation

small minimalist modern Zen garden pontoons

Concrete architectural garden with palm trees cactus

cozy courtyard around large impressive tree

corner rest sun landscaped courtyard

patio atmosphere Zen Buddhist statue

exotic garden terraces bridge

modern decked garden ornaments shaped metal sheets

English extensive garden green island pond

sublime landscaped garden fountain marked

Contemporary shaded courtyard exotic garden

contemporary pool lined railing design glass

sitting area pool courtyard greenery

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