Corten steel: modern star garden –

Corten steel: modern star garden

Corten steel outdoor terrace objects Layouts

The Corten steel, a symbol of industrial design, fit in our gardens! Terribly trendy, the material at the base used for the creation of street furniture has become a modern element in the gardens of the houses.

Be inspired by its vintage look and modern. Check out our gallery of fifty practical and decorative objects Corten steel.

Planters Corten steel

corten steel pot idea modern plant

The Corten steel is a self-patinated material forced area. It is used for its resistance to climatic conditions. It is mainly present in the construction and art in outdoor sculpture and architecture. The best known are those sculptures by American artist Richard Serra, artist of Spanish origin Eduardo Chillida and French sculptor Etienne Viard and Bernard Venet. The works of two French garden can be seen at the Museum of Grenoble. In Ile-de-France, Fontenay-sous-Bois to General de Gaulle square exposed another sculpture, that of the Italian ariste Marino Di Teana, entitled Freedom. Placed in front of the station of Val de Fontenay is one of the largest sculptures in Corten steel in Europe.

Corten steel design object

Corten steel deco garden design object

The Corten steel, as its name indicates, is a steel alloy and minerals such as copper, chromium, nickel, and phosphorus and molybdenum. This metal has a very sleek and trendy design. Its color is an orange-brown that matches beautifully with green plants. There are several different objects Corten steel. This material works well. He inspired many artists to create original objects and design. It's popular for creating garden sculptures. A number of Corten steel sculptures inhabit the parks in Canada and Europe. It is also used to create garden tubs, fountains, ice-views of braziers, staircases, garden fences and others.

Planters Corten steel

corten steel deco pool garden

His rusty side makes it modern and vintage at once. Vintage is trendy! It was a material that has been used by many artists in the former Soviet countries. Today their sculptures still live public parks to remember the past. steel Aesthetics is very characteristic. It adds a touch of industrial design. This is a very durable material, which is covered with an oxidation patina to protect it from weathering.

A sculpture in a garden in Vancouver, Canada

corten steel statue deco garden

Subject deco exterior antique-look design

Corten steel garden decoration balls

The Corten steel: a bold originality Corten steel planters

outdoor garden fireplace corten steel chimney garden

Sculpturecorten steel fence garden wall

Detail of a decorative piece of garden original garden decorative object steel

mature garden Mature steel chair comfort garden

Sculpture in a garden

Steel sculpture garden

interesting sculpture Love

steel sclupture love pard

Garden Edging Steel garden edging flower beds

garden fenceGarden Industrial acierstyle

interesting sculpture steel sculpture in a public park

Planters garden tubs steel plants flowers

Large and long flower box: strength and elegancegarden flowers steel bins

Mature succulents steel bins flowers rusty fat cactus garden plant

Garden Tray rusted corten steel trend planters

Two garden bins Corten steel garden flower bins

design garden furniture in wood and steelCorten steel furnishings modern design garden pond

steel garden pond garden plant steel basin

The fameaux building Caixa Forum in Madrid caixa forum madrid corten steel building design

mature garden with sun patternsmature garden with lovely steel

garden fence corten steel garden fence

Large planters and stairs tended garden flowers deco steel bins

Garden decoration in an industrial styleSteel Deco industrial style garden corten

Garden Staircase stairs garden object plant rusty steel decoration idea

garden decoration sculptures sculpture flower garden decor steel

low garden fence rusted steel garden wall

steel garden borders Garden steel staircase steel trim

Bassin steel flowerscorten steel deck basin planning

garden decoration item Steel sculpture garden decoration idea corten steel sculpture garden layout idea corten steel sculpture pard steel house corten rusted steel ball deco garden steel sculpture in a park sheet Deco original garden corten steel balls corten steel garden sclupture plamen yordanov steel sculpture art art Deco sculpture garden corten steel corten steel sculpture garden decor garden flowers steel tray

corten steel garden planters

Corten steel garden edging Garden metal bins

Corten steel path idea

steel sculpture, corten-bronze-garden-vancouver canada

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