Design wood Office: 50 best proposals

wood office design idea Nordic styleThis article is for those who are looking for a design wooden desk. Here are our 50 furniture such proposals in various styles. When you are looking for a specific piece of furniture to complete a room's decor, it is often short of ideas.

To remedy this problem, a good idea is to study the furniture and decorating styles available to identify those we prefer. Today, nothing is easier, thanks to this collection of images of wooden design tables that can be used for the construction of an office, a home work area or another area of ​​the house .

Office Ideas wooden modern and contemporary design

design wooden desk decoration

The development of a homework area is not always an easy task. The office occupies a central place and it should be chosen paying attention to its size, the features it offers and the rest of the decor in the room. Scandinavian style in offices are known precisely for their functional and attractive design.

Idea design wooden desk for homework corner by Harto

office furniture design wooden tables

Perfect for decorating a work area at home, Scandinavian offices easily fit into most modern decors. In addition, they can bring a nice touch to the interior with the lighter shade of wood, characteristic for their manufacture. The image above provides a good example of this type of wood desk, installed in a room with charm.

Proposal for the bedroom: the small design wooden desk by Nella Vitrina

small wooden furniture ideas computer

If you are now building a room or a suite, you may have thought about the possibility of completing the decoration with a small wooden desk or a console. Such a cabinet can perform several functions in this kind of space: table used to deposit books or other small objects, purely decorative console adorned with a pretty vase or lamps or furniture or small computer office, your choice. In all cases, offices in the bedroom are usually small and functional. Victoria contemporary table by Italian designer Nella Vetrina, you see in the picture above, is a perfect example.

hardwood desk vintage and industrial design

Furniture interior wood massive industrial office

If you are looking for a wooden desk for an open space, such as a loft or studio, you can bet on the modern, minimalist or on industrial design. Depending on how you will use the office, you can choose a larger cabinet, particularly necessary for students or for those who work at home. Another possibility - smaller tables, which you can use to check your laptop when you need it.

Example of furniture design wooden secretary by Nella Vetrina

wood furniture modern secretary

If you occasionally use the office to write some postcards or letters and checks, you can opt for the cabinet secretary. Such offices exist today in modern variants, classic and vintage, which will allow you to choose the office secretary who best fits into the décor of the room where you want to install. Easy to store and close, it is ideal for those who love the impeccable order, wishing to protect their personal documents safe from prying eyes. Above two examples of this type of collapsible desk, built-in library, by Nella Vetrina.

Idea wood office furniture by Modenese Gastone

Baroque furniture wooden desks

Finally, here is an example of beautiful wooden table for a desk decorated in traditional style, proposed by the Italian manufacturer Modenese Gastone. With these elegant and classic lines, it is particularly suitable for the development of a cabinet with wooden library, at home or in an office. To discover our wood design office proposals, visit our collection of images below!

Design wood Office by Oscar Valsecchi 1918

corner office design wooden tables

Small design wooden desk and computer furniture for Pottery Barn

small wooden office furniture computer

Small style secretary desk modern design

small wooden table and console

Design wood Office homework corner

Office wooden modern design ideas

Wood Office modern design by Studio One Collection

Secretary wood furniture design offices

Office Furniture - Scandinavian design with light wood
Scandinavian wood office furniture

Office design by Centro Ricerche Maam

wood furniture design offices

modern design and idea Wood Office Furniture by Dale Italia

Office wooden office furniture drawers

Wood Office Uab modern design by Emko

Italian design furniture wooden desks

traditional design of wooden office furniture by Cassoni

Contemporary furniture wood desk

Office Furniture Idea: wooden table by Viccarbe Trestke

office furniture design wooden tables

Idea design office furniture by Nella Vetrina

Contemporary furniture design office furnishings

Design wood Office Sally Vanguard Concept

interior furniture wood tables

interior design furniture wood offices

Office tables modern design furnishings

furniture of'ordinateur en bois bureau moderne

office furniture computer Scandinavian style

computer desk wood furniture

computer furniture Solid wood tables

wooden storage furniture modern office

retro table solid wood furniture

small wooden desks computer furniture

Office table solid wooden furniture

Office wooden furniture with drawers

Office tables modern design furnishings

Contemporary office design wooden tables

modern office furniture tables

Modern design wooden desk

Deco interior design work area offices

elegant work area planning offices

secretaries contemporary design wood office

design wooden desk work area layout

black lacquered desk deco idea

corner decoration modern design office

wood furniture computer consoles

interior design modern wooden tables

bedroom furniture design wood console

minimalist interior design offices

office table and wood design consoles

office design idea contemporary interior decor

Leather office interior design Italian furniture

offices'angle meubles design contemporain

wooden desk vintage retro style design wooden office interior modern design office design idea wood minimalist style wooden office interior design contemporary design

contemporary office working corner wood furniture

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