Furniture Italian design and mirrors at Porada

lamparadires contemporary Italian design furniture

Modern and jewels, almost fantastic - some of Dali, some Eames and many modern Danish style in these Italian design furniture Porada home. Porada - a furniture company with a huge extraordinary wooden furniture.

Today we present some examples of their wooden furniture and their elegant mirrors.

Furniture Italian design - the mirror 'Giole' Italian furniture design original mirror

The beautiful table you'll see below is called 'Libra' and you will easily understand why. Elegant feet, a walnut wooden base and a glass surface - it is almost a sculpture. This table has the silhouette of a dancer! It may sound simple but it is surely not!

The unusually shaped mirror reminds you'll see many a masterpiece of Dali. With a frame in walnut, this mirror 'Giole is vocatif and beautiful at once - a true restoration of art.

Mirrors interesting shape of flowers and leaves Lotus & Frasca 'Italian design furniture mirrors

When we saw the lamppost 'Pileo' for the first time, we thought it was a bar stool. Very contemporary, with clean, simple lines, this lamp is a tribute to the Danish style of the past. These lamps are ultra modern and are solid wood and will make a setting worthy of appreciation.

Other mirrors without frames that you'll see in the photos are as beautiful flowers and leaves. With a casual air, these mirrors Lotus & Frasca 'is a masterpiece.

See also the furniture and mirrors that we have selected for you:

The elegant wood and glass table 'Libra'Italian furniture wood table design

Elegant chair in walnut wooden chair original design furniture

Modern Office solid wood Italian wood design office

Deco chair Ester Original design elegant chair

Chair light wood Ester modern chair Italian design ester

Design Mirror interesting miroisr deco modern Italian furniture

Table and chairs original design design wood furniture Porada

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