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Wood Office Furniture – Design and original

Modern design wooden desk

You are looking for a piece of office furniture that combines functionality, comfort and original design? In this article you will find an extraordinary wooden cabinet that is unlike anything you know and that will please the naturalists and those seeking to be always different and original.

This beautiful and amazing furniture on which we focus is Wood Office Furniture unusual called "Wave" (Wave in French). It is a beautiful creation of Robert Brou - an American designer who lives and works in the state of Georgia. This work is dedicated to naturalism and natural materials.

removable wooden office furniture and design removable timber office

The original office is made good on two main towers and drawers which is the basis for any office furniture but everything else is an amazing and extraordinary design. Robert Brou used a new technique called the technique "slices" to create this beautiful modern office which is like a sculpture in several waves of water layers on each other. Each "layer" is removable and can move in about 8 cm so you will not need to pull the drawers. The design is gorgeous but we are not safe that the designer has thought of dust.

unusual and original dark wooden desk removable dark wood office

original and unusual wooden desk Wood Office Furniture

This wood desk is very comfortable

original wooden office furniture

The beautiful offices are plenty of drawers for storage wooden office furniture practice

Modern furniture and design drawer wooden office furniture

Wood Office incredible design towers wooden office furniture

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