The bamboo furniture invests our homes –

The bamboo furniture invests our homes

bamboo design bench

Bamboo is a perennial that has many species, it is growing rapidly, which explains its development over large areas in China or India. Everything is good in bamboo, in addition to its food use, it allows both the production of cellulose with which manufactures high quality paper than building scaffolding impressive snaking along the skyscrapers in Singapore.

Bamboo enables many applications

High bar stool

It can also produce high quality textile fibers, or care or cosmetics products. It is a building material that are just beginning to use the many advantages, and finally it is a noble and ecological essence of wood, which allows the design of many furniture. Winnowing bamboo allows the realization of baskets and other woven accessories, optionally in combination with other materials.

a noble gas

Washbasin glulam

This plant fits particularly well in the ethnic and exotic trend of interior design and the soft tones and smooth his rib are an invitation to relax, calm, and spend quality time at home in a harmonious environment. Often available in finishing nature beige or white solid when is an essence that is well suited for obtaining a clean and elegant finish glulam.

laminated furniture Union Elemental

bamboo chairs glulam Union Elemental

Its properties are fantastic, it is very sensitive to moisture, and unlikely to succumb to harmful attacks, or rot. Whether worked to resemble another type of wood, or used in its raw, you have not finished being surprised by this plant that has a somewhat miraculous side, in a world where supply woods and destruction of primary forests is a growing problem, its use appears increasingly as a panacea. See our selection of photos.

Surprisingly plant!

bamboo design suspension

the theme is vast

sanitary accessories Edvin Sjöberg

made a very aesthetic

Buffet bamboo design

garden furniture by Living Forest

Design lounge chair Living Forest

he is not afraid of water

bathroom design wall

a passion

lighting design

Design Terra Furnishings lamps

garden furniture design Zuarq Builders

White bamboo table

coffee table tea

furniture Green Village Bali

table Chairs Green Village Bali design stool Fanson Meng

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