Combine colors in the dining room –

Combine colors in the dining room

combine colors stay marsala red rose suspended luminaire dining room table

How combine colors in the dining room ? If you know your tastes and preferences, you will be much easier to choose the predominant color of your interior.

You should also take into account the layout and decoration of the entire room. Discover our selection of color combination ideas for your dining room.

Combine colors: yellow and orange kitchen associate the color yellow orange dining room table black sofa glass dining blue feet

The example above shows a nice combination of bright colors (yellow and orange) that contrast nicely with the two dark details of the interior: black frame and blue table legs. The example below is a kitchen with light purple walls. This intense color is very present. The white of the table and the small plant decoration neutralized and make harmonious.

Combine colors dining room: pink, white, greencombine colors deco dining table dining table chair deco white brown plants

The purple go well with green, brown and white. It is a universal color. Some shades of purple can have luxurious. soothing and soft color, it will create a calm atmosphere in your dining room.

Combine colors in the dining room: purple is a soothing color color combination dining purple white wood furniture

Pink is often associated with femininity. For some, it represents romance, sweetness, innocence. It is obtained by mixing red and white. If it is clear, soft, pink is an easy color to match. It marries beautifully with the soft pastel colors, white, cream, purple, fresh green, perhaps with orange and red too.

Tune in pink with white and brown color combination white rose idea dining wooden table

The color Marsala trend this year may be married to a wide range of colors

associate color color dining room chair wooden table walls tend marsala deco tree plant

The lemon or pastel yellow goes well with blue, brown and white

combine colors dining room pendant light lemon taste white yellow lamp design purple dining chair wooden table associate colors deco plant dining table associate chair design leather color idea Deco dining room table yellow wooden chair comfort curtain wall
colors dining table decor combine wood chair dining room associate color design hanging lamp wooden dining table color combination design hanging lamp idea dining room associate green wooden chair pink color apples deco white plates Planning dining room fixture associate colors dining table dining room blue wall black dining table associate red rose colors dining table chair deco walls suspended luminaire grant colors dining room pendant light blue wooden table dining room associate blue green color black dining table chair associate colors dining room design dining table chair mint color kitchen layout idea white table green beige chair kitchen furnishings white black table chair armchair room-a-room-sofa combination-colors
dining table wooden chair wooden table deco stay suspended lamp design dining room combination minimalist red white suspended Deco table lampcolors idea dining room design black yellow dining table

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